Dan Cox dumps Ashley S–so does he find love on Bachelor in Paradise?

Things looked so promising for Dan Cox and Ashley S on Bachelor in Paradise. Dan is the 32-year-old foxy Beverage sales rep from Las Vegas, Nevada who got about 2 seconds of air time on Desiree Hartsocks’ season of The Bachelorette a few years ago and Ashley Salter is the gorgeous 24-year-old blonde Accountant/Hair Stylist from Atlanta, Georgia.

Ashley seemed like she got a bad edit on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor. She was painted as the eccentric, nature-loving, (and Mesa Verde loving), new age space cadet on Soules season. And I actually wrote it off to her being nervous and having too many cocktails, but I’m not so sure the edit was all that wrong after all!2B0E753300000578-0-image-a-30_1438611483408

Anyhow Dan was intrigued right away and followed her to the hospital after she got sick. Ashley was starting to appear ‘normal’, but not for long…..3 episodes in Dan Cox expresses that he is feeling doubts about their connection and later in the episode I think we see why.

At first Ashley takes the news pretty well and by ‘pretty well’ I mean she goes in to total denial thinking there is still a chance for them. But things soon change when her pal Amber James arrives–also from Soules’ season–and James has a big giant crush on Dan.

Amber asks Dan out but first Dan wants to her outside and tell her about Ashley. Ashley starts to have a melt down and says “what’s the problem” to Dan and Amber. Dan comes back and asks to talk to Ashley where Ashley confronts Dan for not being more honest with her and for telling her he still has feelings for her. She called him an “assh-le” and bashes his character.

Dan is upset but he quickly forgets about Ashley on his date with Amber.DAN-COX-AMBER-JAMES

The two enjoy a romantic evening in Puerto Vallarta and make-out several times. And it looks like Dan is super hot for Amber, but apparently not because Dan leaves next week because he’s not feeling it with Amber.

So he does not find love on Bachelor in Paradise, but wait! Maybe he does…. 

It looks like Dan Cox may have found love with cast-mate Carly Waddell.

And Ashley Salter has found love with her ex boyfriend Austin Brannen.

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Photo Source: ABC

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