Dan Cox dumps Ashley S–so does he find love on Bachelor in Paradise?

Things looked so promising for Dan Cox and Ashley S on Bachelor in Paradise. Dan is the 32-year-old foxy Beverage sales rep from Las Vegas, Nevada who got about 2 seconds of air time on Desiree Hartsocks’ season of The Bachelorette a few years ago and Ashley Salter is the gorgeous 24-year-old blonde Accountant/Hair Stylist from Atlanta, … Read more

Are Dan Cox and Ashley Salter still together?

Dan Cox, 32 and Ashley Salter, 24 surprised everyone when they made a connection very early on in the hospital where Ashley S was sent for a mystery illness. The two seem really cute together and quite compatible, but remember things are not always as they appear. It looks like the Beverage Sales Director from … Read more

Who is Bachelor in Paradise star Dan Cox?

Dan Cox is a longtime Bachelor nation alumn. He starred on Season 9 Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette and did not last very long. He grew up in Dublin, California, but lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a 6’0″ tall 32-year-old Beverage Sales Director of National Accounts at Bruvado Imports director in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s one of 10 kids. He … Read more

Does Carly Waddell find love with Dan Cox after BiP?

This is pure speculation on my part as a result of some rigorous Twitter stalking of both Carly Waddell and Dan Cox who both star on season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. So if you have read the spoilers you know the 29-year-old singer from Arlington, Texas love with Kirk DeWindt, but you also know that Kirk breaks … Read more