Ashley Salter gets engaged!

It was heart wrenching to watch Dan Cox dump Bachelor in Paradise love interest Ashley Salter a few weeks ago on the ABC show. Despite being a tad bit on the cooky side, Ashley was clearly REALLY in to Dan and really devastated by the break up, but take heart Bachelor Nation she has found love! Not only … Read more

Ashley Salter back together with ex boyfriend Austin Brannen

Ashley Salter, 24 had a bit on a meltdown on Bachelor in Paradise Monday night when her love interest Dan Cox, 32 expressed that he was having doubts about their relationship. She was really really in to Dan, but Dan loses interest and wants to explore other options including an option with new cast member Amber … Read more

Dan Cox dumps Ashley S–so does he find love on Bachelor in Paradise?

Things looked so promising for Dan Cox and Ashley S on Bachelor in Paradise. Dan is the 32-year-old foxy Beverage sales rep from Las Vegas, Nevada who got about 2 seconds of air time on Desiree Hartsocks’ season of The Bachelorette a few years ago and Ashley Salter is the gorgeous 24-year-old blonde Accountant/Hair Stylist from Atlanta, … Read more