Samantha Steffen arrives to Bachelor in Paradise

Tonight we finally got to meet the infamous “Samantha” that contestant Joe Bailey, 29 has been pining away for and interestingly she just so happens to be friends with Juelia Kinney—the girl who is pining away for Joe.

Ironically new arrival Samantha Steffen, 28 told host Chris Harrison that she thought Joe seemed “really sweet” and asked him on her one-on-one date.

Samantha arrives to the cabana and before she even has time to say one word to anyone takes her date card and says “I pick you” pointing to Joe (as if she can not even remember his name) and the two walk off hand in hand.

Juelia sees the two hit it off immediately and declares that she is “totally blindsided,” that’s right despite the warnings of Jonathan, Mikey T, Dan Cox, Tenley, Jade Roper and pretty much everyone else on the show, she is “blindsided”.

Joe claims “Juelia’s ok, but Samantha is the hottest girl here”.

Samantha then fills Joe in on their photo shoot date.

Joe says “I wasn’t interested in Juelia” in his ITM.

Photo Source: ABC
Photo Source: ABC

Castmates soon began to suspect that the two already had been flirting prior to filming so Jared asks Joe. “Did you talk to Sam on the phone before the show started?” Joe denies it.

“Joe lied to Jared,” Tanner says.

“I personally knew that Sam and Joe had been talking prior to the show because Joe told me.”

Allegedly Samantha sent Joe a text telling him to do whatever he had to do to stay until she got there. And Joe who allegedly has problems showing affection is all over Samantha immediately.

The couple heads to their People magazine photo shoot where Joe talks about his “dad bod” and I’m afraid he is right. I also love that he is wearing a white V-neck t-shirt on this date because you know he has been waiting the entire time to bust out that white Hanes V-neck t-shirt for Sam!

Anyhow the couple gets nearly naked in a shower.

“The chemistry with Joe is on fire, off the charts, so good in any way. It couldn’t be going any better and I don’t want it to end,” Samantha declares in her ITM.

I think Juelia Kinney is finally catching on because she says…

“I think this is the most disrespected I’ve ever felt in my entire life by a guy.”

When Joe and Sam return they are giddy and holding hands–in fact the two can not stop touching each other the entire episode–including the world’s most uncomfortable jacuzzi scene where Sam’s hand is under the water and Joe says “don’t stop doing that”!!!joe-samantha-bachelor-in-paradise

Anyhow, Dan Cox persuades Joe to talk to Juelia, but Joe continues to lie and deflect.

“You’ve been back and acting like I’m not even here,” Juelia tells Joe.

“Basically since Samantha arrived, it’s like I literally don’t exist in this universe and I think that everyone has kind of witnessed that,” …..“I just don’t think that you were 100 percent honest with me.”

Joe replies….

“We had a great connection, but Samantha and I had a better connection.”

He makes no apologies for doing what he has to do to stay.

Tomorrow should be interesting! Just wait until Nick Peterson arrives! You will soon see a new ‘angle’ put on this love triangle.

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