Chris Soules comments on Witney Carson’s engagement

US Weekly recently spoke to Bachelor Chris Soules about DWTS partner and rumored love interest Witney Carson’s engagement to High School boyfriend 23-year-old Carson Mcallister …. among other things.

Soules said this about learning the news

“Apparently she posted it on social media, and she knows that I don’t really pay that close attention to social media.”

“So she texted me and let me know that she was engaged. I sort of called it. I told one of my friends she’d be engaged before the summer was over. Because I met her fiancée a month or so ago and I could tell he was the guy.”

I wonder how the lucky guy felt about Chris and Witney going to Philly together in August?

None-the-less Soules says,

“He’s an awesome guy, and she’s like a sister to me,”……”Somebody that I really got to know very, very well and so I could just see that there was a lot of chemistry there and I know that she was ready. And she’s known him for a long time prior to the engagement, they were dating in high school and they have a lot of history together, so it wasn’t like they just started dating either… I figured she’d be getting married this summer or getting engaged soon.”

Chris also claims that he will be taking a break from dating….which I find rather telling.

“I’m single and doing my thing,” …. “After dating 30 women and being engaged, I’m sort of taking a step back and trying to process things and get back into normal life. And then somebody will come along, I’m certain.”

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