Chris Soules comments on Witney Carson’s engagement

US Weekly recently spoke to Bachelor Chris Soules about DWTS partner and rumored love interest Witney Carson’s engagement to High School boyfriend 23-year-old Carson Mcallister …. among other things. Soules said this about learning the news… “Apparently she posted it on social media, and she knows that I don’t really pay that close attention to social media.” “So … Read more

More details on Witney Carson’s engagement and 2k ring!

DWTS star Witney Carson, 21 revealed that her High School boyfriend Carson Mcallister, 23 — proposed to her this weekend just two months after she was on vacation with Bachelor Chris Soules BTW! She is now giving the media more details on the surprise engagement. She told Us Weekly, “He did so well!” — although she conceded that her mother helped Carson choose … Read more

Witney Carson engagement ring from fiance Carson Mcallister

Witney Carson dropped a bombshell this weekend when she revealed that she was engaged to her High School boyfriend Carson Mcallister — especially since she was just on vacation with Bachelor Chris Soules in August!- but I digress. Anyhow the 21-year-old DWTS star is now showing off her mysterious boyfriend and her engagement ring. Her new ring … Read more

Witney Carson is engaged!

WHOAH!!!!!! Bombshell alert! 21-year-old DWTS star Witney Carson is engaged to her High School boyfriend 23-year-old Carson Mcallister from Cedar City, Utah. Carson said she feels like the “luckiest, happiest woman in the world.” Where do we begin? Bachelor and dancing partner Chris Soules clearly had serious chemistry with his DWTS partner — so much chemistry that Whitney … Read more

Chris Soules on vacation with DWTS partner Witney Carson

Chris Soules engagement to Bachelor winner Whitney Bischoff did not last long —about 2 months to be exact. And it appears more and more certain that the relationship ended as a result of Chris doing Dancing With the Stars. Chris appeared totally enamored with his dance partner Witney Carson and now a few months later the two are on a vacation … Read more

Was Chris Soules engagement to Whitney Bischoff fake?

When Bachelor Chris Soules, 33 proposed to  29-year-old Chicago-based fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff it seemed a little anti-climatic especially after his father famously said, “Whitney’s a sure thing, but I think Becca is who he wants.” The ending felt forced and obviously producers have a lot riding on a successful lifetime love connection happening in 9 weeks so … Read more

Why did Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff break up?

ABC Bachelor and farmer Chris Soules, 33 recently ended his 6-month engagement with fiancé 29-year-old Chicago-based fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff. But the couple did not reveal the cause of their sudden break up. The first question when these couples break up is always was there someone else? And in this relationship the answer is ‘yes’. There had been a lot … Read more

Chris Soules tells Witney Carson ‘I love you’, not ready to leave LA


Bachelor Chris Soules got the boot from DWTS last week, but apparently he is not leaving LA to return to ‘real life’ that easily. For weeks he kept discussing how excited he was to return to Iowa with his new fiancé Whitney Bischoff so they could get their ‘real life’ started, but now that he … Read more