Stassi Schroeder returns for season 4 of Vanderpump Rules but her relationship with Lisa is over

Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules is right around the corner and thankfully fan fave Stassi Schroeder is returning although I don’t know how they can build a story line around her when she refuses to disclose anything about her boyfriend Sirius XM radio host Patrick Meagher, but I digress.

Anyway in May she said she was leaving the show for good, but I suspect producers offered her a deal she could not refuse since the 27-year-old will be couch-surfing this season to stay on the show.

She spoke with ETonline to explain why she changed her mind.

“It is so embarrassing. I was like, ‘No, I’m definitely not!’ And then it’s like, ‘Yup, here I am!’” she said. “I took a break and I did some soul searching. There are actually some reasons I want to come back. You’ll see them on the show.”

Her and boss Lisa Vanderpump have been on the outs for a while now and this season they will discuss their rocky relationship.

Stassi claims that filming the meeting was one of “the roughest days I had.”

“I think she was really, really hard on me,” …. “I’ve been doing my best to kind of just rectify the specific wrong things that I felt I had done, but I’m not willing to grovel by any means.”

“The relationship is never going to be the same,” Schroeder admits.

Stassi will also talk to ex-boyfriend, Jax Taylor, on season 4 whom she refused to meet with on season 3 of the show.

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