Ariana Madix’ reveals the sad story of her father’s tragic death at her 30th Birthday

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix, 30 held the world’s cutest 30th birthday party Monday night.

Tom Sandoval she does not want him to go.

Ariana breaks down in tears and laments about her father’s sudden death on August 15th, 2013 from a massive heart attack. Her dad, James Madix, was 67 years old. In fact this tragedy is part of what brought Tom and Ariana together. So she thinks Tom will understand why this birthday is so emotional for her.

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And Tom’s response was priceless. He was clearly empathetic and on the verge of tears and replied something to the effect of….

“You know I will always be here for you, but there will be bulldozers at Peter’s party.”

….explaining that he understood her pain, BUT the bulldozers were simply not negotiable.

Luckily, things worked out as Ariana explained in her Bravo blog,

It’s hard for me to single out one thing about my birthday because every single thing about it was everything I dreamed of and then some. There is something people may not know about. Tom surprised me at my party by flying in my best friend Whitney of 10 years who had never been to LA to visit before. She and my friend Meredith hid inside a two-person horse costume and after doing an adorable little performance, Tom and Meredith unveiled that Whitney was in the head of the costume.”

“My friend Lindsay Hand also surprised me by flying in. I was surrounded by so many people who mean everything to me and I got to do flips on a bungee trampoline with sno-cones at the same time!”

As far as her feelings about Tom caving in to pressure and going to Vegas she said,

I wasn’t shocked because we had talked about it a number of times leading up to it and I knew that if he didn’t go, Schwartz wouldn’t go, and then there wouldn’t be a trip. Tom was being pressured from multiple angles.”

Shockingly it does not appear that anyone cheats on anyone in Vegas except the boys do make out with each other. What is Lisa going to do with her cast members all in healthy monogamous relationships? I’m not sure the show can handle so little drama.

Interestingly, Tom’s dad suffered a heart attack 2 months after this episode was filmed.

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