Jax Taylor gets a new tattoo with his boyfriends’ names

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor, 36 is FAMOUS for his bizarre tattoos and for impulsively professing his love for women by inking their names on his body very early in their relationship, but this time he has really outdone himself.

This time he tattooed some new names, but not the names of any girlfriends — the names of his boyfriends … Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval. Despite all the drama between Jax and his pals (especially the drama that ensued when Jax slept with Sandoval’s then girlfriend Kristen Doute), he is ready to make a lifetime commitment to these two.

He shared his fresh ink on Instagram Monday. The tattoo says “Tom, Tom & i.” He captioned the photo, “Everyone who was wondering if I got a name tattoo this year..yes.. I got two @twschwa @tomsandoval1 are the lucky ones!!” He added, “Say something negative I will delete and block your ass!!”

Well I hope he doesn’t get into any more fights with these two or sleep with their girlfriends.jax_taylor_tattoo

Jax has a long history of getting very impulsive tattoos. The weirdest was the last tattoo that appeared to be a composite of Stassi Schroeder and Carmen Dickman.

At least this time these are the names of people Jax has known for years. Jax and Tom Sandoval’s friendship goes way back. According to Jax the two met,

“Modeling in Florida circa 2001……We became best friends from our modeling days when we were younger. It was fun, meeting a lot of designers, photographers, editors…”

I know that I jokingly refer to Tom and Tom as his boyfriends, but truthfully I think Mr. Jax and Schwartz have hooked up at least once. I really do. Schwartz was way too in to the idea of sharing a bed and spooning last year in Miami NTM a slew of other homosexual overtones between those two.

But I think Schwartz eventually realized Jax was too much of a situation to be his secret gay boyfriend, but I digress.

Gay rumors around Jax Taylor swirl. Did he have a boyfriend in Miami?

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