Vanderpump Rules cast tattoos

Vanderpump Rules cast tattoos

One thing we have had no shortage of on Vanderpump Rules is tattoos. The hosts and hostesses at SUR have serious impulse control problems which among other things means lots of tattoos. So with no further ado let’s review the Vanderpump Rules cast tattoo situation.

Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay, 30 got the tattoo party started on Vanderpump Rules by getting a hummingbird tattoo on her ankle and back, but she didn’t stop there.

Two summers ago she got a famous quote from the movie Almost Famous put on her arm at Inflictions Body Art in Covina. It read “It’s all happening.”Scheana Marie

At the time Scheana claimed “It’s a quote from my favorite movie Almost Famous and it’s kind of how I feel in my life right now.”

Kristen Doute

Then last summer her and frenemy 32-year-old Kristen Doute made their on and off again friendship “official” with a treble clef tattoo.

Scheana explained in her blog:

“Let’s begin with the tattoo — the tattoo that in no way or form is a “best friend” tattoo. Kristen and I were at an event that Shay and James were DJ-ing last spring. There was an open bar set up right around the corner from the free tattoo booth. Having several tattoos myself, I guess you can say I’m addicted.”

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

“I already had a few more planned since I got my “It’s all happening” tattoo last summer. One of those was music related. Kristen wanted to get a treble clef and I was like “Oh, great idea! I want to get one of those too.” I thought about a music note on the back of my ear but I already have my hummingbird there so I decided on a treble clef, which also looks like an S (for Shay AKA my music lover husband. Get it?). Since I love my “it’s all happening” tattoo so much, I wanted to do something close to that area. We posted a picture after and big deal. We have similar interests. We both love music. Moving on. . .”

Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor, 36 has shocked, surprised and scared us with his tattoo choices–usually because they involve his girlfriends.

Jax Taylor “Freedom” Tattoo
Source: Bravo

First we learned that Jax was actually in the military (God help us) because he had a very interesting tattoo on his back that said “freedom” which was a result of his time in the military according to our insider.

Then he shocked and horrified ex girlfriend Stassi Schroeder by revealing that he had gotten a tattoo of her name in an effort to prove his love for her. Needless-to-say the effort failed.

Shortly after he got a tattoo of new girlfriend “Carmen”‘ tattooed on his right bicep.

Then went to get both tattoos removed.

Source: Bravo

Then he got the weirdest tattoo of all and revealed it in part 2 of the season 3 of Vanderpump Rules reunion–a composite os Stassi and Carmen’s faces!!

In regards to all the tattoos that he now has to have removed he said this:

“I wasn’t drunk when I got those tattoos. But that’s very true, I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz

Tom Sandoval JUST got his first tattoo in honor of his girlfriend Ariana. Yes Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz got butt tattoos in Vegas.

Tom Sandoval got giant “A” for Ariana and that everyone says looks like ‘bacon’. Schwartz got “Bubba” on his right butt cheek to demonstrate his commitment to fiancee Katie Maloney.

The tattoos are hideous and Lisa Vanderpump declares that the “stupidity” doesn’t stop.


Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney has an 11-09-09 tattoo on her inner arm. She explained the tattoo on Instagram…..
“A lot of you have asked what the tattoo in my arm signifies. It’s a date 11/09/09. I was in an accident on this day. I fell through a sky light a total of 25 feet. I don’t remember falling but I did suffer multiple injuries. I broke my jaw, lost some teeth, broke my collar bone and several ribs. I also suffered a small brain injury. I’m very lucky and I am a different person today because of that day. I now call it my re-birthday. Don’t take anything for granted, life is special.”
Source: Instagram

Ariana Madix

Ariana has a tattoo on her arm that says
“Per aspera ad astra” which translates “Through hardships to the stars”.


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