Are Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright still together?

Being that model Brittany Cartwright, 25 moved from Kentucky to Los Angeles all of 6 months ago to be with boyfriend Jax Taylor, 36 and while she was en route Jax was seriously flirting with Lala Kent saying “Can we just f*ck and not tell anyone?”, you may be wondering if these two are still together.

And you may be shocked to learn that the answer is YES!

They are very much together and appear happy as clams.

Last Monday as the cringe-worthy episode aired, Jax tweeted that he’s in a “happy relationship with Brittany”.jax_taylor_twitter

He also recently caught Brittany looking at engagement rings.



Who said Jax Taylor can’t handle commitment. Brittany’s dog Kingsley just moved in with Jax too.

And the two spent a very romantic New Years eve together.

Thankfully for Jax he did not have sex with Lala Kent, actually thankfully for Lala she steered clear of that situation. Jax shockingly remained faithful for 12 hours until his girlfriend arrived.ax_brittany_still_together

Although previews for tomorrows epic episode show Brittany claiming that she needs to confront Lala about flirting with her boyfriend. Tomorrow’s episode also shows Jax getting arrested in Hawaii.

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