Bachelor contestants accuse Olivia Caridi of being ‘manipulative’

Usually the 1st impression rose winner is a solid bet for winner of The Bachelor and the Neil Lane ring, and 23-year-old news anchor Olivia Caridi appeared to be a very genuine, caring and honest person BUT looks can be deceiving especially on The Bachelor.

First of all I think she got that charm from her mom Dana Caridi. I can not get enough of this video that I found of Olivia’s parents on GMA in 1989 talking about their relationship and as gorgeous and charismatic as mom is I can’t help but sense a bit of manipulation there. As you can see it was Dana that initiated things with Olivia’s dad.

And the apple does not fall far from the tree I suppose, because Olivia came out of the Bachelor limo dripping in charm and charisma and serious eye contact with Bachelor Ben Higgins.

But there are an awful lot of allegations coming from all over the place that Olivia is not what she appears to be.

Olivia makes enemies right away. She is described by the other ladies as “manipulative” and “a liar,” and just to illustrate that Olivia is there to land the coveted final rose she says in an ITM: “I’m not here for friends. Yeah, I’m aggressive — I’m not going to fade to the back.”

We broke the news that Olivia had just dumped a boyfriend prior to going on The Bachelor. And we exclusively reported his identity as 26-year-old Josh Rose from Bristol Tennessee.
Life & Style later confirmed allegations that she was “fake” from an insider.

“She’s opportunistic, she’s fake and she’s only on The Bachelor for the fame.”

Additionally the insider claims that Olivia is lying about being Christian!

“Olivia’s been giving the impression to her castmates that she’s Christian like Ben, but I heard she’s an atheist,” …… “It’s just another ploy to get his attention!”

Wow! Faking Christianity! The show is always chock full of contestants who will misrepresent themselves just to impress the lead and win the final rose, but faking your religion is a brand new situation!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on ABC.

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