Katie Maloney engagement ring details

The long awaited Tom Schwartz Katie Maloney proposal finally happened on Vanderpump Rules on Monday although it happened back in July in real time. And the funny thing was how head over heels Tom was with the engagement ring he picked out for Katie–even making a special trip to see Katie’s boss Lisa Vanderpump to show the 2 carat stunner.

Needless to say Tom could not wait to show Katie what he had created for her with extensive help from Celebrity jeweler Kyle Chan.

BTW Chan shared four close-ups of the ring on Instagram and revealed that it features a 2-carat pear-shape champagne diamond in 14-karat rose gold. He slao revealed that the “little pink sapphire” inside the band was added to “represent” Schwartz since he was born in October. Ha ha ha! Of course Schwartz would be “represented” by a little pink sapphire.

Source: Twitter
Kyle Chan

Schwartz shared a picture with his Instagram followers after the proposal saying. “The twinkle in my tooth says it all! She said YES! (Reluctantly) shout out to @kylechandesign for designing the perfect ring.”

Earlier in the season Tom went ring shopping with Scheana.

Katie made it difficult for me to screw up the ring. Starting about two years before this special moment she started dropping not so subtle hints about exactly what she wants to me and everyone surrounding me, haha. In terms of the exact diamond, I knew she wanted champagne or chocolate.”

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4 thoughts on “Katie Maloney engagement ring details”

  1. I agree. Every time someone would ask to see the ring she would hold out her hand for 2 nano seconds and pull away the minute the camera would TRY to pan in on it. Andy Cohen didn’t even get a good look at it . Did you see the way he gawked into the camera and winced when she pulled away, or was I the only one that noticed it?

  2. I was wondering why her ring had no sparkle and then seeing the close ups of the ring it looks fake. A real diamond has so many prisms you can’t see the gold setting under the stone. But in the second picture you can clearly see the gold basket and prongs the stone sits in. It looks like glass. It’s pretty, but no way does it look like a diamond, unless it is a bad cut.


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