Ben Higgins heartbreaking break up with Jojo Fletcher

Producers promised that the finale of season 20 of The Bachelor would be “brutal” and they delivered. Tonight 26-year-old Bachelor Ben Higgins had to make a final decision and let one woman go. But not before he tortured himself, fans and his 2 final women.

Ultimately he decided to let 24-year-old Dallas real estate developer Joelle Fletcher go in the most painful and heart-breaking break up the show has ever seen.

OH MY GOD! I am still reeling from this finale. Ben really had feelings for both girls and Jojo was such a professional and so solid. It was heart-wrenching seeing her get her heart broken.

Ben talks about his feelings for Jojo saying, “it’s not like things have taken a step back with Lauren, it’s that JoJo has caught up.”

The night before the proposal Jojo and Ben had some time together where Ben was a bit reserved and unable to fully profess his love for her, but he grabs her hand and takes her into his hotel bathroom to presumably have a private conversation. (But if there is ONE thing we have learned from this show…there is ALWAYS a hot mic nearby.)

“I need something from you. I’m losing my mind,” she whispered.

“Look at me. I’m sitting here, on a bathroom floor, with you tonight,” Ben said. “Being as open with you as I possibly can be. And I love you and I know right now that doesn’t feel like it should when I tell you that. What I’m telling you tonight is exactly where I’m at, but…”

“But you love her too. Am I right?” JoJo said.

Ben replies, “Yes.”


Cut to the next day. Jojo arrives to meet Ben.

She immediately launches into a diatribe about how in love she is with Ben and how ready she is to start a future with him. But Ben cuts her off.

“I came into this not knowing if I was going to find love,” Ben explains. “I didn’t know if this would be real, if this would be hard, or if we could just kind of go through it and take really nice helicopter rides. But with you it was real, always. I didn’t know if I could find love,” …. “I found it with you, but I found it with somebody else more.”


“Even on a day like today, I still don’t question that I do love you,” Ben continues.

“I mean, I don’t even know what to say right now. I am so confused. And blindsided,” JoJo replies. “You told me that you were in love with me, that I’m your best friend, that you can’t imagine life without me, where did it go wrong?”

“It didn’t,” Ben said.

Jojo tearfully tells cameras,

“I feel so confused. I feel speechless. I walked into today thinking that it could be the happiest day of my life. I never thought this would happen. He said he would never blindside me and I feel very blindsided right now” …….. “I wish I could hate him or be really mad at him but I can’t. I was getting my heart broken and I still didn’t want to see him cry.”

My good friend Sarah kept texting me tonight because she was so angry at Ben.

“He’s kind of on my sh!t list right now”…..”he says he doesn’t want to blindside anybody. And then he does.”

At the time I thought her outrage was so funny since EVERYONE in the country is head over heels in love with “Perfect” Ben Higgins tonight EXCEPT for her. But to be fair I get caught up in the fantasy of the lead EVERY season. And after reflecting upon her comments I realized she was actually right.

Ben really did blindside his ladies and he promised Jojo he wouldn’t. I mean look I don’t think Ben ever lied to anyone. I think the problem is he was so conflicted about his own feelings that his inability to figure out what he wanted hurt a lot of girls. There could be some real problems ahead for Ben and Lauren if we are honest.

Thankfully, there was a VERY happy ending for Jojo. On After the Final Rose host Chris Harrison announced that ABC had chosen Jojo to be The Bachelorette!

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