Caila Quinn talks break up and possibility of finding love after Ben

Twenty-four-year-old Boston Bolly-X fitness instructor Caila Quinn was sent packing last night in Jamaica after the world’s most uncomfortable river rafting trip and a night in the Fantasy Suites with 26-year-old Bachelor Ben.

To be honest I am surprised she wasn’t sent home sooner–not because she is not super cute and a great catch, but because her and Ben had NOTHING in common. I mean nothing.

The two were both great catches in and of themselves but together it was a total bust.

But apparently there may have been some chemistry that was not captured on screen because Caila is talking today about her heart break after Ben dumped her post Fantasy Suites and pre-rose ceremony.

“There are different stages of grief,” Quinn told PEOPLE magazine after her breakup. “The first one that hit me was anger. I felt like Ben was kind of rehearsed, and I just wanted him to be real with me.”

“Grief”? Over a 9-week relationship and only 3 one on one dates? “Rehearsed”? Of course it was “rehearsed” Caila! I’m sure Ben wanted to break up with you pre-rose ceremony in an effort to be sensitive and he knew he needed an impromptu visit to his hotel.

Unfortunately as much as ABC constantly claims “there are no rules”, there are rules. There have to be or they would have no show. The show demands that the lead “lead” girls on even if he knows who the winner will be early in the process.

In this case Ben knew his final two. But to Caila’s credit she acknowledges his feelings for the other two women were stronger.

“I can see how his relationship progressed with the other women, so that made it easier for me to understand”…… “That doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard. But I do see that Ben is happy and I don’t want to live in the past.”

I think it was also hard for your ex boyfriend when he found out you were on The Bachelor and had to watch you with Ben!…but I digress.

Anyhow, surprisingly Caila did not go home and get back together with her ex boyfriend (per usual). She is still single which means hopefully we will see a lot more of the Sex Panther!

“I’m really happy for [final two contestants] JoJo and Lauren,” she says. “They fell hard for Ben and he opened up with them. I want to find someone who feels that passionately about me that he can’t help but tell me how he feels. That will happen one day!” (hint, hint).

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