Jubilee Sharpe lashes out on Women Tell All

War veteran Jubilee Sharpe gets some armchair time with Bachelor host Chris Harrison Monday night on Women Tell All and things get uncomfortable when Jubilee confronts her co-stars for some of the the harsh comments they made about her during her 1 on 1 date with Bachelor Ben Higgins.

Remember Jubilee rubbed some of the girls the wrong way when she greeted Ben by telling him he was 20 minutes late for their date. She also famously asked if anyone else wanted to go on the date with him in her place.

Of course when the show aired Jubilee saw the comments the women were making about her behind her back.

“The remarks that were made about my date, it shocked me because to my face it was always, ‘Jubilee, you’re so fun,’ ‘Jubilee, I love your sense of humor,’ ‘Jubilee, you have such good energy.'”

“And then I watch it back, and it’s like, ‘Ugh, she’s not going to come back.’ ‘Oh, my gosh — I bet Ben’s just dying in that little box up in the sky,’ you know?”

Shushanna Mkrtychyan claims, “Let’s be honest — a lot of girls did not want you to come back.”

But apparently the issues with Jubilee did not start there. According to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s friend Jami Letain, Jubilee claimed that she would be the first black woman to make it far on the show. And several other contestants said they heard the same thing including Shushanna.

The remarks angered some women and caused them to distance themselves from her.

Jubilee vehemently denies she ever said anything about being the first black women to make it far, but eventually concedes to saying she was, “the real black girl” on the show.

Eventually she apologizes to Jami for the remarks.

Jubilee tells Chris “I feel like I’m hard to love.” Her and Chris talk about her relationship with Ben. Jubilee insists her feelings for Ben were real, but the whole situation brought up her insecurities and sent her in to a bit of a shame spiral.

Jubilee essentially admits to sabotaging her chances with Ben.

But take heart. I can not imagine that Jubilee is going to have any problems finding someone in the “real” world.

As far as what she is doing now—Jubilee is in the reserves and just made sergeant.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on ABC.


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