Kristen Doute on her ‘carpark sex’ with ex James Kennedy after meeting Brian Carter

To say that 33-year-old online T-shirt mogul / Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute has impulse control problems would be the understatement of the 21st century. It would be like saying Jax Taylor has problems being faithful.

Anyhow, lucky for viewers of the hit Bravo show Kristen never seems to learn her lesson despite copious amounts of therapy and muay thai training.

On Monday night Doute confessed to having ‘carpark sex’ with 25-year-old ex boyfriend British bus boy/DJ, James Kennedy on Watch What Happens Live a mere week after meeting her now boyfriend Brian Carter.

She also claimed it was  ‘a huge mistake’.

‘He’d made you cry moments earlier,’ Andy Cohen says.

Kristen rationalizes the impulsive sex-capade with James by saying she had only known new boyfriend Brian for ‘like a week and a half’ at that point.

‘It was so new,’ she claimed.

Then Andy asks who was better in bed, Jax Taylor or James Kennedy?–as if she would choose either one.

‘Jax I don’t remember, James, mmm, so no…it’s Carter’.

Kristen also apparently had sex with ex James on the hood of a Bentley. Lisa Vanderpump offers a brilliant comment on that situation in her Bravo blog saying,

“Well if you’re going to be banged on anything you should be banged on a Bentley darling, not a Beamer.”


Photo Source: Bravo

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