Kristen Doute on her ‘carpark sex’ with ex James Kennedy after meeting Brian Carter

To say that 33-year-old online T-shirt mogul / Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute has impulse control problems would be the understatement of the 21st century. It would be like saying Jax Taylor has problems being faithful. Anyhow, lucky for viewers of the hit Bravo show Kristen never seems to learn her lesson despite copious amounts of therapy … Read more

Kristen Doute claims James Kennedy and Lala Kent are using each other for fame

It does not appear that Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute, 32 is holding a candle for ex boyfriend James Kennedy nor is she interested in taking the high road (thank goodness because the ‘high road’ gets soo boring). In fact now that Kristen can see how James has been dissing her behind her back she is … Read more

Kristen Doute on Lala Kent and her break up with James Kennedy


Everyone knows that Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute, 32 and rebound/boyfriend James Kennedy, 23 are officially over and Kristen now has a new boyfriend Brian Carter, but now that Kristen can see it playing out on Bravo and can see how James is slamming her what does she think about their 1 1/2 year relationship? … Read more

Kristen Doute moves on with new boyfriend Brian Carter

First of all, I just returned from Black Rock City, Nevada from the Burning Man Art Festival where I thought SURELY the cast from Vanderpump Rules would be stirring up brand-new situations–reason being Burning Man is like Coachella on steroids and draws a very similar crowd and given the gangs passion and loyalty to Coachella, I thought … Read more

James Kennedy and Kristen Doute break up


It looks like Vanderpump Rules stars Kristen Doute and boyfriend James Kennedy have broken up for good. According to a source at Entertainment Tonight: “Trust issues between Kristen and James turned into arguments,” …….. “It didn’t really make sense since James was always concerned about Kristen cheating on him. Unanswered calls from James got boring.” Remember at … Read more