Robby Hayes Arrest record: DUI situation

Robby Hayes is having a bit of a PR ‘speed bump’ lately as news of his breakup with ex girlfriend Hope Higginbotham has been drawing some criticism and questions. But it looks like he also has an arrest record–a 2012 arrest for a DUI.

It’s no secret that Robby was a bit of a party boy in college at Florida State University. In fact Robby was social Chair of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, but it looks like he was still partying pretty hard in 2012 at the age of 24 after graduating from FSU.

Hayes was pulled over in Jacksonville, Florida after his vehicle crossed the double solid lines of the road.

The police report obtained by Radar Online said,

“The defendant said he probably needs to get his eyes checked,” …… “I observed the defendant to have bloodshot and watery eyes. I smelled a moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the defendant as he spoke to me. The defendant’s speech was slurred and talked with a thick tongue.”

The police officer also reported, “I asked the defendant if he would perform the Standardized Field Sobriety Exercises,” ……. “The defendant said he knew the exercises were designed to trick him and wanted to know what the exercises were.”

And then explained how he couldn’t perform the tests because of the weather.

“Based on my training and experience I believe the defendant was impaired,” the officer wrote. “I spoke to an unidentified male passenger in the vehicle. The passenger said he was out with the defendant and the defendant had a couple of drinks tonight.”

Hayes was then arrested and charged with a DUI and reckless driving. Ironically, his car was released to then-girlfriend Hope Higginbotham—which interestingly gives us a bit of a timeline on the relationship.

Hayes pled not guilty in January of 2013 with his attorney in the Duval County court.

Fortunately Florida decided not to prosecute Hayes for the DUI and dismissed the reckless driving charge in September 2013.

Unfortunately, arrests stay on your record!

Hmmm, I can’t help but wonder if Hope went to Radar and tipped them off to this situation.

Additionally, to make matters worse Robby apparently tried to pay Jade Roper and husband, Tanner Tolbert to promote him on their Instagram accounts.

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