Amanda Stanton claims Nick Viall was waiting for Jen Saviano — not her

Amanda Stanton claims Nick Viall was waiting for Jen Saviano — not her

Single mom / Disney Princess Amanda Stanton, 25 has become quite a hot item on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. I mean Amanda is so hot no one even seems to care that she has two young children at home!

And two of the frontrunners vying for her affection are Nick Viall and Josh Murray.

Amanda did have a crush on Nick prior to going on the show. But she claims that her connection with Nick was not what it was made to look like on the show and that Nick had his sights set on someone else, someone who had not arrived yet, 25-year-old designer Jen Saviano.

And poor Amanda has been getting reamed online for ditching Nick to date Josh Murray.

Amanda explained the situation on her website.

“I have been completely overwhelmed with the amount of hate I have received since Monday night” ….. “I am not going to blame the ‘edit’ but I will say there are a few important details that were missing that might explain my actions.”

“I was pretty shocked when he asked me on a date,” she adds.

“Mine (and) Nick’s date didn’t go as well as it was portrayed on the show,” ….”It was a fine first date. We had good conversation. We kissed. But there weren’t those ‘sparks’ like I was hoping for.”

“I almost felt like he was holding back because he knew he was waiting for Jen to arrive and didn’t want to lead me on,” …… “One thing that stood out to me was that he would hold my hand or kiss me…but as soon as the cameras were off he would stop or let go of my hand… I TRULY felt like he wasn’t that into me.”

No doubt Nick knows how to play the game. In other words he knows how to milk his 15 minutes so I believe Amanda here. Nick was likely hot for Amanda but was saving himself for Jen. I don’t really see Nick having any interest in becoming an instant baby daddy for anyone.

Amanda continues in her blog,

“He told me he wanted to be on the same page as far as dating other people and made it clear as day that we were going to both explore our options… (Which) is why when Josh arrived the next morning, I didn’t hesitate to say yes to the date.”

“I would never intentionally hurt (Nick) or go on a date without talking to him first if we hadn’t had that talk the night before!”

I am not sure why anyone is attacking Amanda here. She really did nothing wrong even if Nick did like her.

At any rate apparently it was all worth it since Amanda and Josh are engaged!

We should get to see the the proposal on the season finale.


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