Who is Carly Waddell’s brother Zak Waddell?

Who is Carly Waddell’s brother Zak Waddell?

On Tuesday night’s episode of BiP Brandon Andreen arrives to paradise and Carly Waddell immediately asks what season of The Bachelorette he starred on.

He says Desiree’s season as in Desiree Hartsock. Carly smiles and says…”you must know my brother Zak then?”

Yep, 30-year-old Carly was not the first “Waddell” to star on The Bachelor(ette). Her big brother spearheaded the move in 2013 when he competed for the undying love of Bridal Stylist Desiree Hartsock.zak-waddell-desiree

Zak actually made it pretty far too…far enough to get a Hometown. In fact I suspect producers were enamored by little sis and signed her up then to star on the show in 2015.

Zak is the older brother. He is 34 years old originally from Grand Prairie, Texas. At the time of Desiree’s season he was living in Mico, Texas and working as a Drilling Engineer for AIP Inc.

Obviously Carly and Zak share a mother and father.

Her Dad is Jeff Waddell and mom is Maryann Waddell of Arlington, Texas.

Carly made a funny comment in her ITM about how her brothers told her that she has to stop dating effeminate guys — so she actually has two brothers. The other brother is 33-year-old Denton Waddell (seen in the video below). Can’t wait for his turn on The Bachelorette!

Anyhow, Zak was devestated on Dez season, but don’t worry he has since found everlasting love.

In fact Carly briefly mentions to Brandon that that day was the one year anniversary of Zak’s wedding…which she missed by the way to pursue her failed relationship with Kirk! Zak married longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Coulon in Ireland last summer on June 13th.

In fact his Bachelorette co-star Ben Scott was there with his fiancée Lindsay Higgins.

Here is a clip of Zak on Dez’ season…deja vu!

Zak was also close with Dan Cox and Juan Pablo. Dan was also at the wedding! I’m not sure how that happened since he was also on BiP last summer. Here is their hot brother Denton.

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