Nick Viall will be blindsided by an ex on night one

So the premiere will be interesting if for no other reason than one of these women already “knows” Nick—in the biblical sense. So I guess I wouldn’t exactly call her an ex, but what do you call a girl that you hooked up with at your friend’s wedding?

So 29-year-old Elizabeth Sandoz of Las Vegas Nevada will step out of the limo and most certainly give Nick a heart attack since the two met at Jade and Tanner’s wedding and had sex.nick-viall-elizabeth

Elizabeth does bring up the fact she’d met Nick before the show to one of the other girls, who of course tells Nick. And as you can imagine Elizabeth does not last long since she is too dangerous to keep around.

Interestingly Nick was already following her on Instagram before the show so clearly this was someone he was familiar with.

Unfortunately for Nick it looks like Elizabeth was actually hoping the Bachelor would be Luke Pell!

Nick will talk to Elizabeth about the very uncomfortable situation on a group date in episode 2, and send her home during the group date.


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