Nick Viall and Raven Gates bond about being cheated on by exes

One girl that Bachelor Nick Viall seems particularly fond of is Raven Gates. The 25-year-old Hoxie, Arkansas store owner is very sweet, very Christian and the perfect girl to take home to meet his worried family in his hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin (–a small suburb outside of Milwaukee). In fact Nick decides Raven is the perfect girl to introduce … Read more

Nick Viall actually does find love on the 2017 Bachelor

Alright, we are 3 weeks away from The Bachelor premiere and ABC has begun leaking some details about the 2017 season. In a recent conference call 36-year-old Bachelor Nick Viall spoke to reporters about what to expect on the upcoming season which airs Jan. 2 on ABC. Perhaps the most surprising nugget of all from Nick is … Read more

Nick Viall will be blindsided by an ex on night one

So the premiere will be interesting if for no other reason than one of these women already “knows” Nick—in the biblical sense. So I guess I wouldn’t exactly call her an ex, but what do you call a girl that you hooked up with at your friend’s wedding? So 29-year-old Elizabeth Sandoz of Las Vegas Nevada … Read more