Rachel Lindsay’s heartbreaking breakup with Peter Kraus

Rachel Lindsay’s heartbreaking breakup with Peter Kraus : Let the Crying Games Begin

Props to ABC who actually did deliver quite a ‘dramatic finale’ tonight on The Bachelorette.

32-year-old Dallas attorney Rachel Lindsay agonized over her final choice after it came down to 37-year-old Colombian Chiropractor Bryan Abasolo and 31-year-old model Peter Kraus. Rachel knew all along that Bryan was a sure thing, but his confidence in their connection seemed to actually push her away.

At one point tonight she clued us in to her past relationships and indicated that she always chooses the guy that she gets to ‘rescue’ aka not the sure thing.

And Peter is clearly the one here who needs ‘rescuing’.

Perhaps it’s the trial attorney in her that likes the challenge of litigating her way to love, but something about Peter really tickled her fancy and despite the fact that Rachel had already had her allotted time with Peter, and was now contractually obligated to make her final choice, Rachel was going to go off-script and fight until the bitter end for the Wisconsin model.the-bachelorette-peter-rachel

It wasn’t until tonight that I realized that Peter was actually her first choice. Despite being a tad bit boring and not nearly as smooth and charming as his competitor, Rachel liked the shy, slightly awkward man of mystery more than the charismatic, polished, even-keeled Chiropractor — and that damn gap sealed the deal for Rachel from day one. She was not going to let go of the dream of their tan, gap-toothed children without a serious fight.

In fact it became clear that the real love story this season was between Peter and Rachel.

So tonight we begin in Rioja, Spain as Peter accepts the Fantasy Suite date card despite his reservations and despite the fact that Rachel is crying. But after some seemingly successful sexy time, Rachel perks up.

And naturally after finally achieving some intimacy with Peter she has a date with Bryan. The couple enjoys a drama-free hot-air-ballooning render-vous. But Rachel can’t stop thinking about her elusive, brooding lover. In fact I dare say Rachel is bored by the drama-free relationship and is eager to return to her little Tele Novella with Pedro.

Bryan and Rachel do enjoy some Fantasy Suite time before Peter picks up Rachel to go to a church where a Spanish monk pretends to care and delivers the most generic relationship advice ever. Peter discusses a future of ball games, Farmer’s Markets and dogs, but confesses that he can not make this decision in the next 24 hours.rachel-lindsay-bachelorette-peter

So let the Crying games begin!!!

She shows up at Peter’s hotel door that evening for some ‘answers’ and to convince Pete to throw caution to the wind and visit Neil Lane.

Peter does concede for the first time, “I am in love with you.” Words to Rachel’s ears! Victory surely must be within range.

So the two spend time doing what girls LOVE — they hang out in a locked room where they have a chance to cry it all out.peter-rachel

The following is the Tele Novella that occurred in Peter’s hotel room that I have painstakingly transcribed for you:

“I have no fear for marriage”, Peter begins.

“The idea of having multiple marriages scares me.”

“I didn’t expect to find someone I deeply care about”…..(on a show called The Bachelorette that always ends in proposal?)

“I do see a future with you”, Peter tearfully continues.

But Rachel has apparently heard that line before.

“I don’t want to repeat what I’ve done in every single relationship and my fear is you don’t propose, and I agree to just date you …. what guarantee do I have that it’s ever gonna leave that stage? because my past has shown me that it won’t.”

She adds, “I want someone who wants to move towards marriage and my fear is you don’t have that same level of commitment”

Peter says, “I’m sorry its taking me this long” (9 weeks)

He continues, “do you know for a fact that Im the man you want to spend the rest of your life with?”

“I can’t answer that question.”

“Why not?” Peter asks.

(Does anyone watch this show before going on it? There is a contract!)

“Where do we go from here?” Rachel asks.

“We’re not breaking up”. Peter asserts. He then says he will propose to prove he wants to continue dating Rachel.

But it’s not enough. And neither one of these strong-willed folks are willing to bend. Peter is struggling with the ‘acceleration’ of this journey.

The swift timeline feels overwhelming to him and Rachel can’t handle the uncertainty of Peter’s inability to commit.

“If you change your mind you know where to find me.” Peter cries as they continue to hug and whisper and probably exchange phone numbers.

Rachel walks out and Peter swiftly rips off his sweater and uses it to drown his tears.

Rachel tells the cameras,

“I just feel like I’m making a big mistake”


The breakup is so intense that producers cut to the LIVE show where Chris Harrison says in a somber and serious tone, “I have seen a lot of breakups over the last 16 years and it’s hard to articulate what I just watched.”

I mean you know it is serious when host Chris Harrison can not ‘articulate’ what he saw!!!

“Was there still hope?” he asks.08-bach-finale-2.w710.h473

“I didn’t know. I was confused” Rachel confesses.

So much crying went down in the situation room that Rachel’s false eyelashes came unglued. This was a serious situation.

“I walked past her eyelashes on the floor for two days,” Peter says about the eyelash carnage on AFTR.

But the cry-fest allowed Rachel to get the closure she needed.

“I believe in closure. That was it.”

Sadly, in the end, she realized Peter was not going to ‘bend’ and Bryan was the only safe choice. After all Rachel was not messing around, as she continued to remind us. She is here on this accelerated journey for a husband, not a boyfriend. Boyfriends are for amateurs and Rachel is a professional.

If you think there’s still a chance for these two then you clearly have not seen After the Final Rose. Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t go well.


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