Ben Higgins hints that he may be dating someone

So ‘Perfect Ben’ aka Ben Higgins stars on the upcoming Bachelor Winter Games which is a sports competition with one very big ulterior motive.

Producers are hoping the contestants will find love with one another like they did on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise. But it looks like Ben may be hiding the fact that he has a pretty serious girlfriend named Lindsey Duke.

The sexy 25-year-old social media siren met Ben at a charity event to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey last September.ben56

So this Access Hollywood interview is interesting because you see Ben squirm around the question about whether or not he is truly ‘single’.

Anyhoo, the news means that Perfect Ben likely will not be making himself emotionally available on the show. So AH asks Ben if he dating to which he coyly responds;

‘I’m Dating, But I Am Not In A Committed Relationship’

AH tries again asking if he is 100% single and he says;

“100 single, Im not sure what that means…I’m single and I’m still figuring out what it means to mingle.”

I’m pretty sure Ben knows exactly what the term ‘single’ means, but not wanting to lie, he creates a few layers of obfuscation.

In regards to a question about whether or not he would pursue anything romantic with Ashley Iaconetti, he said not a chance. The two are close friends and that’s it.

It really is a very small world, especially if you’re a part of Bachelor Nation.

The Bachelor Winter Games premieres Tues., Feb. 13 at 8 PM ET/PT on ABC.


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