Lindsey Duke — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Lindsey Duke — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki Name: Lindsey Duke Age: 25 Hometown: Born in Maitland, Florida. Grew up in Oviedo, Florida, and lived in Orlando, Florida. Now lives in Denver, Colorado. Occupation: Model and “Social Media Influencer”. Known for a bikini shoot in Axis Magazine Education: She attended Central Florida University 5′ 6″ tall DOB: born November 13, 1991 Dated: Blake Bortles –University of Central … Read more

Ben Higgins hints that he may be dating someone

So ‘Perfect Ben’ aka Ben Higgins stars on the upcoming Bachelor Winter Games which is a sports competition with one very big ulterior motive. Producers are hoping the contestants will find love with one another like they did on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise. But it looks like Ben may be hiding the fact that … Read more

Who is Ben Higgins’s new girlfriend Lindsey Duke?

Former Bachelor Ben Higgins, 29, is back in the dating game after his breakup with ex-fiancee Lauren Bushnell. And much to the surprise of his fan base, squeaky clean, perfect Ben is dating a bit of a sultry siren–arrest record and all. Ben recently started dating 25-year-old model and “Social Media Influencer” Lindsey Duke. The 5′ 6″ busty blonde rose to … Read more

Former Bachelor Ben Higgins dating Lindsey Duke


Former Bachelor Ben Higgins is finally moving on from ex-fiancee Lauren Bushnell ….. and he is actually staying in the Bachelor franchise…sort of. He is dating the girl that Robby Hayes allegedly cheated on Amanda Stanton with, 25-year-old Lindsey Duke. Remember the girl that Robby was supposedly kissing at a concert in Colorado? Yep, that girl. Ben is … Read more

Robby Hayes and Amanda Stanton breakup

Bachelor in Paradise‘s most ‘formidable and comfortable couple’ has officially split. I can’t say I’m surprised that ‘Social Media Influencer’ Robby Hayes, 28 and ex actress and beauty consultant Amanda Stanton, 27 have decided to breakup after a month of dating in real life. In fact, the recent breakup is predictable and right on time, in my … Read more