After the Final Rose gets ugly as Arie Luyendyk Jr. confronts Becca Kufrin

After the Final Rose gets ugly as Arie Luyendyk Jr. confronts Becca Kufrin

The season 22 Bachelor finale ends with a very happy and hopeful engagement between Arie and Becca, but it’s far from over.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. tells cameras that his feelings for Lauren Burnham never went away and that he kept thinking about her, “sometimes when I’m doing these getaways with Becca, I think about Lauren. I go to bed, I think about Lauren, I wake up, I think about Lauren.”

“I’ve decided to call off the engagement and break up with Becca” he says.

In a dramatic sit down with host Chris Harrison, Arie tells Chris he knows his decision won’t be popular but he loves Lauren and is willing to risk everything to give things a try with Lauren.

Cut to Becca who is anxiously awaiting a reunion with her new beau saying, “I feel like I can finally relax…I’m finally in a place where I am in love with somebody..I’m excited to see him”…

Cut to Arie walking in to ambush his new fiancée with a whole production crew and some really bad news.

Cut to Consummate professional Chris Harrison who checks in with Bachelor Nation to tell us, “I can only imagine what you are going through at home Bachelor Nation”.

Thank you for acknowledging that we are in this relationship too, Chris!

Harrison warns us that the upcoming clip will be the “first completely unedited scene in reality TV history.”

The footage is so raw we see a trail of eager key grips, boom mic operators, and camera men come rushing in to the room–unable to avoid their own reflection in the mirror. And we are reminded that this very intimate and delicate scene is happening in front of a dozen or so strangers!

Arie and Becca hug. Becca reveals a new tattoo that I pray is not Arie’s name.

(Luckily it looks like its just a cross. Phew!)


Then Arie breaks the news:

“I’ve been really trying to sort my feelings out and grasp this whole thing and the reality of it is, being with you, even though it’s been everything that I wanted, I still think about her and I think you sense that,” …. “I think for me, the more I hung out with you, the more I was losing the possibility of possibly reconciling things with Lauren.”

“Are you f— kidding me” Becca responds. Becca is clearly and understandably shocked, but she remains composed saying this is “so f%cking embarrassing”.

“You shouldn’t have gotten down on one knee” she tells him.

“I’ve put a lot of thought behind this” Arie tells her as he continues to rub in her face how much he digs Lauren.

Host Chris Harrison tells us “I know this is a lot to take in but there’s actually a lot more to this”.

For the next several minutes we see Arie chase Becca around the mansion (not the Bachelor mansion–this property is next door folks. It’s where Brad Womack regularly met with his in-house psychologist–it’s where the real heavy situations happen), and asks if he can keep talking to her but Becca tells him she is done. The scene is heart-wrenching and I just pray that the Bachelor psychologist is near by and ready to jump in. This poor girl needs some serious hugs and some meds!!!

But once again I say, Becca, count your BLESSINGS!!!! Just remember Arie’s intro video where he says, “I barely graduated from High School and my favorite job was working at Pizza Hut.” Remember his dad, tonight saying Arie needs a girl that can actually “motivate” Arie suggesting he is unemployed and lest not forget the ‘needle dick’ sitch.

Armchair psychologist Chris calls Becca on to stage and tells her she will get to confront Arie tomorrow and reminds her that we are “all in this together”….yes “we” are!!!

I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to see Arie propose to Lauren. Sigh.