Hurricane Jenna lands in Bachelor in Paradise

Jenna Cooper swept in to Paradise like a category 5 hurricane last week. The sexy 29-year-old Fitness Consultant made landfall on Tuesday and caused quite a bit of destruction.

First the stacked stormfront annihilates the sweet budding relationship between 26-year-old Wilhelmina model Jordan Kimball and Annaliese Puccini. Then it intensifies a tempestuous rift between Jordan and David Ravitz, 26.

Jordan drops everything with Annalise the minute hurricane Jenna touches down. The two connect and pair up immediately.

Jenna is adorable, she’s energetic and excited and she’s wearing a bikini that’s so tiny it has to be censored on network television. Jordan is………… in ……………!

But Jordan isn’t the only one that has noticed Jenna.

Jordan’s adversary, David Ravitz, has also been seduced by her charms. David’s romantic gesture of presenting Jenna with a giant stuffed dog sends Jordan into a jealous rage.

He cautions David: ‘I will f***ing roast you over and over. You’re a set of brand new f***ing tires and I’m a Ferrari.’

Some of the girls start laughing at Jordan’s rather ridiculous antics to which Jordan lashes out:

‘You wanna clap at me? OK, I’ll bring the thunder.’jordan6

The behavior prompts Jenna to doubt her relationship with Jordan and prompts her to accept a date with newcomer Benoît Savard who is very fragile by the way–still reeling from a painful breakup with ex fiance Clare Crawley.

Benoit and Jenna enjoy a very romantic dinner and walk in the rain. They return to find Jordan waiting up for Jenna and requesting some 1 on 1 time. Jordan takes Jenna to the beach to show him he has scrolled the words “I’m sorry” in the sand. He then tearfully implores her to reconsider her relationship with him.

Say what you will, but Jenna is clearly a force of epic proportions.

So with all of this carnage surrounding her is Jenna even there to find love?

Not according to one insider on Reddit who says:

“She’s in it for the exposure and the money that being with Jordan can give her. She’s really freakin out about making it and her business. I know her in real life and had to listen to her go on and on about her whole plan. He’s gotten a lot of attention since before the show season even aired and knew just what to say to get his attention in paradise. Let’s just hope for her sake that he doesn’t figure that out. I’m not a fan of him either way. She told me how phoney she thinks he is and how easy it was to get him to fall on the show and hearing about him made me think he’s a turd. Throw away account for obvious reasons.”


Sounds like Jordan really has met his match!

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