Are Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper still together?

The Jordan Kimball Jenna Cooper situation

Jordan Kimball has definitely been a major situation on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise. He initially appeared to have a spark with Annaliese Puccini, but Jordan swiftly switched gears when 29-year-old Upland, Indiana Fitness Consultant, Jenna Cooper landed in paradise.

Jenna is cute, she’s bubbly, shes running around in a very revealing bikini and she sets her sights early on, on Jordan.

But she also kind of likes Jordan’s adversary, David Ravitz (very convenient for ratings).

David does the unthinkable presenting Jenna with a giant stuffed dog as a token of his affection.

The romantic gesture sends Jordan into an epic meltdown. He takes the giant stuffed dog and drags it out to the ocean.

As the other women snicker at Jordan’s immature antics he tells them to “shut the f**k up”.

His temper alarms Jenna who tells her co-stars,

‘It’s not the last time that someone else will be interested in me,’ she said. ‘If something flows out that easy, I guarantee it’s not the first time it’s happened. I don’t talk to anyone like that, it’s very, very disrespectful.’

Jordan realizes that his impulsive actions have ironically put him in the doghouse with Jenna and in an act of desperation to quickly regain her trust he apologizes.

But the apology may be too late as she begins to have serious doubts about their future together.

Although Jenna does accept his rose and apology. He tells her:

‘I know I’m in the doghouse right now. Will you make me really happy, I really want to see where this goes.’

And just when Jordan thinks he may have smoothed things over a gentleman by the name of Benoît Savard arrives, fresh off of his painful breakup with Clare Crawley.

Jenna appears quite smitten by the French maitre d.

But guess what? Jenna circles back to Jordan and the two accept a night in the Fantasy Suite, and shockingly get engaged on the season finale!

Congrats Jordan and Jenna!


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