Peter Weber and Hannah Brown enjoy sexy sauna time in Latvia

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown enjoy sexy sauna time in Latvia

The Bachelorette’s “Perfect Peter” aka the Horny Pilot, aka Peter Weber received one very sexy one-on-one date last Monday night in Latvia with Hannah Brown.

Peter and Hannah are greeted by Yuris’ parents who explain that they are about to get seriously intimate in a small, tight, warm space where Hannah can finally “open up”.

But first they are serenaded by Yuris’ mom who sings three verses of a Latvian folk song and then instructed to mix dry potions for the sauna sexy time.

The Latvian witchcraft instructs Hannah and Peter to place their fingers in a bowl of water and make a wish. Hannah delivers a predictable diatribe wishing to have an “amazing” experience with Peter.

‘I wish to have an amazing experience that allows me to open my heart for receiving love that is unconditional,’ Hannah said.

Peter “wishes” for Hannah to get to a place where she can trust him completely. (Hmmmm, is Peter projecting perhaps? Especially since we now know perfect Peter has a love interest waiting for him at home named Calee).

‘I just ask that you allow Hannah and I to truly embrace this and use this as a way to come together… always being our truest self with each other,’ Peter proclaimed.

The 27-year-old Pilot, unable to control his hormones as the two stand upright scantily clad, takes the opportunity to lay Hannah on her backside, grabbing her passionately.

‘With Peter and I… it’s just so sexually driven,’ Hannah gushed. ‘Our physical connection is a 10 out of 10.’

After a couple of cold showers the two reconvene for dinner.

‘I’m the most introverted person in my family,’ Hannah confides in Peter.

Peter then delivers some cryptic info about a past girlfriend that broke his heart saying he’s been unable to let his guard down after a previous relationship ended….I just hope her name isn’t Calee!

‘Honestly… I’ve never felt so strongly for someone so quickly,’ Peter explained. ‘I really am falling for you.’

He then shared something his grandmother and mother passed down to him, reciting it in Spanish. (who knew Peter Weber was Spanish!)

‘Don’t worry; don’t fret,’ ….. ‘Let the waters run. Let the river flow as it may. Because what’s for you, and what’s meant for you, will never be tarnished. And it will always be yours.’

‘In my mind, it’s all just coming together,’ he expressed to Hannah, saying. ‘It’s like, [you] could be the reason why all that other stuff didn’t work out.’ aka if you hear some rumors that I had a girlfriend at home named Calee, please disregard them and think that I was the victim and not a cheater.

Kissing choreographed with fireworks ensue and SCENE!



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