Micro Situation Recap: Bachelor Canada episodes 2 & 3

I prefer to read a recap that takes less than the show’s running time to get through. So, we’re providing an alternative for those of you (like us) that prefer to read fun, quick recaps. If you’d like to read longer tomes, we do have some favorite (lengthy) Bachelor/ette bloggers we can refer you to … Read more

Bachelor Canada Brad Smith Bio

Bachelor Canada Brad Smith with a rose

Bachelor Canada you have really outdone yourself in choosing your first official Bachelor! Us Bachelor US fans and citizens of the United States are very impressed with the good looks, charisma, and professionalism of the Canadian lead Brad Smith. It’s going to be hard for State Farm Insurance salesman Sean Lowe (US Bachelor 2013) to … Read more

Micro Situation Recap: Bachelor Canada episode 1, eh!

Bachelor Canada Brad Smith with a rose

Welcome to Penny Farthing’s micro recap. These will be the opposite of the typical War and Peace-length recaps that a lot of bloggers out there are doing. I mean…some of these bloggers even include commentary on the commercials that air during the franchise’s two-hour Monday time slot! I prefer to read a recap that takes … Read more

Watch Bachelor Canada online at CityTV: Full episodes!

**UPDATE: 10/11/17** I’m sure all of you American Bachelor fans are looking for how to see the new season of Bachelor Canada online. As an avid Bachelor fan I will look in to this thoroughly and give an update on what I discover shortly! Viva Bachelor! In the meantime if you are lucky enough to … Read more