Chris Soules on his regrets about Britt Nilsson

The Women Tell All, Monday night was pretty enlightening. Chris Soules has been one of the most open Bachelors in Bachelor history. Monday he faced 17 of the 30 women he dated and rejected and he did admit to one regret he had about contestant Britt Nilsson. He told PEOPLE magazine: “I know that I … Read more

Britt Nilsson steals the show on ‘Women Tell All’

Monday, March 2, 2015 Bachelor 19 ‘Women Tell All’ is going to be historic. Host Chris Harrison calls it “the craziest “Tell All” yet! There were a lot of very uncomfortable blow outs that occurred this season and this is the first time a lot of these foes have seen one another since. The ‘Women … Read more

Britt Nilsson gets the boot before Hometowns


We were wrong!!!!!!!!!! At least about the part where 27-year-old Hollywood waitress Britt Nilsson officially walks off The Bachelor. I felt certain she would leave of her own accord because she sooo obviously was not that in to 33-year-old Chris Soules and was so obviously trying everything to get Chris to give her the boot. In … Read more