Bachelorette 2016 — it’s Caila Quinn!


Wow, the 2016 season of The Bachelor has not even ended yet but ABC has already chosen their Bachelorette for the 2016 season. Boston software sales person/Bolly X fitness instructor Caila Quinn aka the “sex panther” will lead the 2016 season. The 24-year-old did not land a rose in Jamaica, but she may have landed something even … Read more

Is Caila Quinn angling for The Bachelorette and not Ben?

Caila Quinn aka “sex panda” landed a coveted second 1 on 1 in the Bahamas indicating she was a clear frontrunner, but I’m not totally sure Caila wanted to be the frontrunner. Actually, let me clarify. I think Caila is like Kaitlyn Bristowe on Soules season….she doesn’t want to be number 1 girl she is angling … Read more

Bachelor contestant Caila Quinn — the family situation

It’s always fun looking in to Bachelor contestant backgrounds and biographies — and especially fun looking at their families, because you never know what you are going to find when Hometowns are filmed. 23-year-old contestant Caila Quinn from Wellesley Hills Massachusetts, comes from a very interesting, smart and successful family. Her dad Chris Quinn, 50 … Read more