Caila Quinn talks break up and possibility of finding love after Ben

Twenty-four-year-old Boston Bolly-X fitness instructor Caila Quinn was sent packing last night in Jamaica after the world’s most uncomfortable river rafting trip and a night in the Fantasy Suites with 26-year-old Bachelor Ben. To be honest I am surprised she wasn’t sent home sooner–not because she is not super cute and a great catch, but because … Read more

Is Caila Quinn angling for The Bachelorette and not Ben?

Caila Quinn aka “sex panda” landed a coveted second 1 on 1 in the Bahamas indicating she was a clear frontrunner, but I’m not totally sure Caila wanted to be the frontrunner. Actually, let me clarify. I think Caila is like Kaitlyn Bristowe on Soules season….she doesn’t want to be number 1 girl she is angling … Read more

Did Caila Quinn really dump her ex boyfriend to meet Ben Higgins?


Before the landing gears touch down and the limos land we get a few glimpses of some of the amazing ladies that Bachelor Ben Higgins will have to choose from and one of those women is 23-year-old Software Sales Rep from Boston, Massachusetts Caila Quinn. Caila drops a bit of a bombshell in her intro video claiming … Read more