Sean Varricchio: details on his ex-girlfriend and the miscarriage

Sean Varricchio and Davina Kuller decided to call it quits on the finale of season 2’s Married at First Sight last night. Things had been rocky for a while for the couple of 6 weeks and there were some clues that the 35-year-old trauma nurse may not have been ready for a lifetime commitment—and that … Read more

Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland on Married at First Sight: 6 Months Later

Last night on the two-hour reunion of Married at First Sight: 6 months Later we got to find out which brave couples on FYI’s new controversial series made it to the 6 month mark. But we already knew that couple Vaughn Copeland, 30, and Monet Bell, 33, decided to divorce and go their separate ways at … Read more