Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy dating!

The Bachelor Winter Games is only a few weeks away, but two of the stars have already violated their contracts by appearing in public together as a couple! Bachelorette contestant Dean Unglert has found love yet again–this time with Bachelor‘s Lesley Murphy via Bachelor Winter Games.  According to Us Weekly, the two were spotted holding hands at a party on … Read more

Dean Unglert hints that he and Kristina Schulman are working on their relationship

On the Bachelor in Paradise reunion things looked pretty grim for Dean Unglert, 26, who in the end regretted his decision to pick Danielle Lombard, 27, and desperately tried to get back in to the good graces of Kristina Schulman, 24. Kristina was especially distressed when on the reunion D Lo revealed that Dean contacted her after … Read more

Danielle Lombard posts picture making out with Dean Unglert post-show

On the Bachelor in Paradise finale/reunion Monday night indecisive Dean Unglert shifted his romantic feelings from Danielle Lombard back to Kristina Schulman, but D Lo took the opportunity to throw Unglert under the bus by interjecting that he was still hanging out with her after the show finished taping. Kristina was shocked and disturbed by the revelation. But … Read more

Kristina Schulman hints that she and Dean Unglert could get back together

Kristina Schulman hints that she and Dean Unglert could get back together Dean Unglert‘s behavior on Bachelor in Paradise was confusing to say the least. He began the season as a fan favorite and ended in Bachelor infamy after swiftly shifting his romantic feelings from sweet Kristina Schulman to sexy seductress Danielle Lombard. Dean’s boneheaded maneuver … Read more