Nick Viall says good-bye to runner-up Raven Gates

Tonight Nick Viall’s 9-week odyssey to find a life-partner came to a dramatic end and the 36-year-old chose 29-year-old Special Ed Teacher Vanessa Grimaldi over 25-year-old boutique owner, Raven Gates. Yes, a week after Raven Gates, made Bachelor history by confessing to Nick on the night of their Fantasy Suite that her ex boyfriend never gave her an orgasm, … Read more

Raven Gates drops Fantasy Suite bombshell

Over the years The Bachelor has given us some astounding 1 on 1 overshares–from Kacie B’s High School bout with bulimia to Ben Higgins battle with his born-again virginity. The show has become famous for the time-honored 1 on 1 supersensitive and unnecessary confession–a contestant either shares some deep painful secret, insecurity, or fantasy–something that … Read more

Nick Viall and Raven Gates bond about being cheated on by exes

One girl that Bachelor Nick Viall seems particularly fond of is Raven Gates. The 25-year-old Hoxie, Arkansas store owner is very sweet, very Christian and the perfect girl to take home to meet his worried family in his hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin (–a small suburb outside of Milwaukee). In fact Nick decides Raven is the perfect girl to introduce … Read more

Raven Gates — Bachelor 2017 — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Raven Gates — Bachelor 2017 — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki Name: Raven Gates Age: 25 Hometown: Hoxie, Arkansas Full Name: Raven Nicole Gates Professional Status: Pro-bono Volunteer at Expungement Occupation: boutique owner in Jonesboro, Arkansas called at Grey Suede Zodiac: Cancer Height: 5’6″ Tattoos: None Religion: Christian Ethnicity: TBA Mother: Tracy Gates Father: Wesley Gates Brother: Weston Gates Social Media Facebook – Raven Gates … Read more