Nick Viall says good-bye to runner-up Raven Gates

Tonight Nick Viall’s 9-week odyssey to find a life-partner came to a dramatic end and the 36-year-old chose 29-year-old Special Ed Teacher Vanessa Grimaldi over 25-year-old boutique owner, Raven Gates. Yes, a week after Raven Gates, made Bachelor history by confessing to Nick on the night of their Fantasy Suite that her ex boyfriend never gave her an orgasm, … Read more

Raven Gates drops Fantasy Suite bombshell

Over the years The Bachelor has given us some astounding 1 on 1 overshares–from Kacie B’s High School bout with bulimia to Ben Higgins battle with his born-again virginity. The show has become famous for the time-honored 1 on 1 supersensitive and unnecessary confession–a contestant either shares some deep painful secret, insecurity, or fantasy–something that … Read more