Sean Lowe blogs about his first kiss with Catherine Giudici

Catherine Giudici the 26-year-old visual designer/vegan food blogger from Seattle has become the “William” of this season of the Bachelor. Remember “where’s William” from the Bachelor Pad Season 3. William was actually on the show but you could never find him in any epidoses inspiring fans to create a game called “where’s William”. To say … Read more

The Selma Alameri ethnicity and religion situation?

Selma Alameri, The Bachelor, Sean Lowe

Tonight we finally get to see if Sean Lowe has any chemistry with  29 year-old Real Estate Developmenter Selma Alameri as they finally get a one-on-one date but despite the obvious chemistry the two do not engage in a traditional one-on-one make-out session. In fact, the one-on-one revealed an interesting aspect of Selma’s personality and religious beliefs. … Read more

Kacie B. disses Sean Lowe on dumping her, Chris Harrison disses Kacie B. on being a situation

Monday’s episode of the Bachelor was filled with one uncomfortable situation after the next. One of those situations was Kacie B. and her unsolicited pre-rose-ceremony confession. Kacie decided to pull Sean aside just to dish on some girl drama in the house. Sean was beside himself even referring to Kacie B. as “crazy”. Kacie told Wetpaint: … Read more