Kacie B. disses Sean Lowe on dumping her, Chris Harrison disses Kacie B. on being a situation

Monday’s episode of the Bachelor was filled with one uncomfortable situation after the next. One of those situations was Kacie B. and her unsolicited pre-rose-ceremony confession. Kacie decided to pull Sean aside just to dish on some girl drama in the house. Sean was beside himself even referring to Kacie B. as “crazy”. Kacie told Wetpaint: … Read more

Kacie Boguskie dating Bachelorette alum Ty Brown

Ty Brown, The Bachelorette

It sounds like Kacie B. is not shedding any tears over her bad break-up with Sean Lowe. According to Bachelor Spoiler Reality Steve Kacie has already begun dating Ty Brown from Ali Fedotowsky’s season, The Bachelorette Season 6. Reality Steve said this: “Kacie has been casually seeing Ty Brown (from Ali’s season) for the last couple of … Read more

Eliminated ‘Bachelor’ contestant Kacie Boguskie returns for an “explanation”

This week, The Bachelor and the three remaining ladies flew to Switzerland for the long-awaited “fantasy suite” dates, but little did Ben or the other ladies know, Kacie B would also be boarding a flight to Switzerland to confront Ben on their break-up and to ask for an “explanation” in one of the most cringe-worthy moments … Read more

‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 7: Your faves weigh in

First of all, I had to watch this week’s episode three times in order to fully absorb it. During the first viewing, I was admittedly a bit too inebriated on red wine, life and the fact that I just bought a new MacBook Pro for me to remember some of the key points. The second … Read more

Situation: ‘Bachelor’s’ Kacie Boguskie’s one-year bout of anorexia and bulemia

This week’s episode of The Bachelor played host to a bevy of situations, but one of my favorite situations was Kacie B’s VERY SERIOUS anorexia and bulemia confession to Bachelor Ben Flajnik. Now, I in no way want to make light of body dysmorphic disorder — it can be very serious — but I also … Read more

‘Bachelor 16’ Courtney Robertson’s Enneagram personality breakdown

Tonight we got a little more insight into amazing lady and professional model Courtney Robertson. We here at OK! Here is the Situation love doing a personality breakdown and we love employing the enneagram to analyze personalities. The enneagram is an ancient tool that dates back to the beginning of civilization and the ancient Sufis. … Read more

Courtney Robertson’s thoughts on Ben Flajnik before the show

I discovered this Access Hollywood video done just prior to the taping of the show with Bachelor lady Courtney Robertson dishing on why she is doing the show. I love that the interviewer inquires about behind-the-scenes details like What do they tell you to bring for the show? I’m always curious how the ladies know … Read more

Our favorite Chris Harrison poses and hand gestures

It’s no secret that we LOVE Chris Harrison! Chris is a consummate situation professional. In fact there are not enough words in the English language to describe why Chris Harrison is SO amazing, but the following is a collection of Chris Harrison situation poses and postures that reveal why we love him so much! In fact each of these postures … Read more