Ashlee Frazier tries to warn Sean Lowe about Tierra

Ashlee Frazier, The Bachelor, Sean Lowe

On Monday, Feb. 11 episode of ABC’s Bachelor we will finally see someone come to Sean to warn him about Tierra’s emotionally unstable behavior. Ashlee Frazier, the 32-year-old professional organizer from Houston Texas addresses the delicate situation during a sunset beach one-on-one. Unlike Ben’s season where we witnessed many one-on-one sit-down attempts to warn Ben about … Read more

The Selma Alameri ethnicity and religion situation?

Selma Alameri, The Bachelor, Sean Lowe

Tonight we finally get to see if Sean Lowe has any chemistry with  29 year-old Real Estate Developmenter Selma Alameri as they finally get a one-on-one date but despite the obvious chemistry the two do not engage in a traditional one-on-one make-out session. In fact, the one-on-one revealed an interesting aspect of Selma’s personality and religious beliefs. … Read more