‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison’s Enneagram personality breakdown


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To say that we here at Ok! Here is the Situation love Chris Harrison would be the understatement of the century. We LOVE Chris B. Harrison with all our hearts.  He has been the professional love adviser extraordinaire, situation arbiter, relationship negotiator, arm-chair psychologist, mediator, conciliator, go-between, peacemaker, life coach, and kindhearted shoulder to cry on for the last 16 seasons of reality television’s most amazing piece of work, The Bachelor.

He has humbly stepped aside and allowed a steady stream of amazing ladies and guys to take

the spotlight and headline the show over the years, but the real star of this hit is the host

Chris Harrison and Jillian Harris at the premi...

himself, Chris Harrison.

He is so consistent and professional in how he handles each and every episode, never stepping out of character, never stomping off the set proclaiming, “OK. That’s it! No one is EVER going to find love in a 9-week reality show. This is ridiculous!!!”

No, quite the contrary. Each new season is just as serious as the last. Each rose ceremony is more dramatic than the last. He composes himself with amazing poise as he clings the champagne glass with that butter knife proclaiming “ladies….it’s time for the rose ceremony.” There is never any doubt that all of the contestants are serious and are there to find a life partner.

Chris Harrison and Casey Shteamer The Bachelor Season 16But who is Chris Harrison and how did he get so good at what he does?

Aside from being the host of the most amazing reality show in history, he is also a devoted father of two and the husband of his high-school sweetheart, Gwen. (UPDATE: now ex-wife) His educational background is actually in psychology, child psychology and relationship psychology. Thus making him quite adept at dealing with tough situations in the most professional way. To examine his personality using the enneagram (the same tool we used to deconstruct Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez’s relationship and eventual breakup), Chris Harrison appears to be a 3 (Achiever) with a 2 (Helper) wing, which is actually the ideal personality type for mediating and piloting this complex show.

The 3 is also the Performer, possessing an uncanny social intelligence, a natural charm, self-confidence, positive attitude and charisma. Chris is clearly a healthy 3. The average or unhealthy 3 is known as the status seeker or opportunist — seeking success through appearance. An average 3 is essentially a name-dropper or an image-obsessed shallow person that seeks to take credit for work that other people have done, and seeks to be the center of attention at the expense of others.

The biggest fear of the 3 is of being worthless and the biggest desire is to feel valuable. The Enneagram Institute claims:  “at a young age, they got the message that they were not allowed to have feelings and be themselves: they must, in effect, be someone else to be accepted.


To some degree, all of the personality types have been sent the same message, but because of their particular background and makeup, Threes not only heard it, they began to live by it. The attention they received by performing in a certain way was their oxygen, and they needed it to breathe. “

So the healthy 3 has dealt with these deep-seated fears and has learned that they have value independent of what others may think of them. They are self-accepting, authentic and even self-deprecating.

They have learned to step out of the spotlight and allow others to “perform”. They have learned to be a “team player,” and use their charm and social genius to help others improve and polish themselves. In short, they have done the work to achieve the success they possess both internally and externally. Clearly this describes CBH to a tee.

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison (Photo credit: hollywoodstarsighting)

The fact that Chris Harrison can balance this ability to step out of the spotlight with his ability to sit down in the armchair under the spotlight and listen and advise the contestant on the solution that best serves them speaks volumes about how self-actualized Chris Harrison actually is as a person.

The 2 wing explains why Chris is so good at being the compassionate shoulder to cry on. The 2 is the Helper. They are empathetic, sincere and caring. When they are healthy they use this compassion to help others in need. The 3 with the 2 wing is aptly named “The Charmer.”

Thus we see that as the healthy 3 with a 2 wing, Chris Harrison is perfectly suited to guide the way for so many people to not only find lasting love with others but also to find love with themselves.

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  1. Are you smoking crack???? Chris Harrison has zero personality and this show gets more ridiculous every season. C’mon ABC….pull the plug on this dumb-ass show.


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