‘The Bachelor’ Season 16: Filming deets and tweets

We here at OK! Here is the Situation take care not to reveal spoilers as not to ruin the magic as it unfolds, but there are some tidbits of information about the filming that are rather titillating.

We have all heard that The Bachelor, after 15 seasons, has finally decided to “change their pad.” In fact, they decided to change their homebase all together. The Bachelor moved this season to Ben’s hometown of Sonoma. Local papers have been abuzz about the big event for months now: “Sonoma city officials confirmed that NZK Productions, a production company that works with ABC’s hit show, “The Bachelor,” paid $540, plus a $300 refundable deposit, for a filming permit to shoot around the Plaza on Thursday.” Not to toot our own horn but we here at OK! Here is the Situation were swarming around the wine country in early September announcing to the locals how amazing their life was about to become.

And apparently it was the crew and not the ladies causing the drama in Sonoma! Reporter David Bolling contends that The Bachelor crew was “openly hostile” towards him as he was trying to shoot pics. (Of course, The Bachelor does have a “situation” since they have to closely guard the details of the show until it airs, so it’s hard to blame them). Bolling told The Morton Report: “a woman who identified herself as the “studio publicist” for “The Bachelor,” left a voicemail message at the Index-Tribune threatening to cut off access to information and interviews if the newspaper staff did not stop shooting the production…” Glad to know we are not the only ones being accused of “hostile following.” Of course our threat came from Twitter and it was only because Chicky Nickel Blue was so good at tweeting, no one believed she was a real person. And normally I am all for the first amendment, but I have to say in this case I think the Bachelor’s right to protect the magic and secrecy of their show should trump the first amendment right of spectators to photograph one-on-ones.

Filming tweets and situations:

The filming began Tuesday (September 20) where our favorite arm-chair love adviser Chris Harrison tweeted: “Promised I’d keep you up to date on #Thebachelor Well roses are flyin!”

Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss tweeted from the scene, Live from the bachelor set– the girls love Ben!!!” Later he tweeted: “These are the best group of girls collectively on one of my shows since “More To Love.”  “More To Love” was the “plus-sized” Bachelor-inspired creation about some “plus-sized” amazing ladies looking for love with a chubby man.

Sonoma: After the first cocktail party at the Bachelor mansion, Ben narrows the amazing lady pool to 15. Eleven ladies get the hometown tour right out of the gate! (much different than previous seasons where hometowns are reserved for 4 special ladies). The group of 11 was spotted milling around Sonoma Plaza. Reports suggest that Ben and one lucky lady had a one-on-one in downtown Sonoma.

Mike Fleiss tweeted from Sonoma: “Live from the Bachelor set- Ben and the woman are enjoying the wine country and each other. Got a couple crazy jealous chicks already.”

San Francisco: Later The Bachelor relocated to San Francisco for nearly a week of filming. The SF Weekly said that Ben “began his “journey” in San Francisco this weekend and wraps up shooting Thursday.”

In the city scenes were shot “in Nob Hill and “along the waterfront,” around the Embarcadero,” The paper continues: “Flajnik will take a chartered tour of the city that includes stops at popular shops and “a bar that’s a local favorite.”‘ (ha! I wonder if they will go to the Lion’s Pub where he and Jennifer Love Hewitt enjoyed a date a few months ago!!)

The big group date in San Francisco sounds amazing!!! Ben took 11 ladies skiing in the street!!!! What!!!! Now The Bachelor crew is shutting down a major city with a snow blowing machine so the Bachelor and the ladies can go skiing!!! This is SO ridiculous and why we love the show.

Apparently the crew blocked off a street in a residential neighborhood in the North Beach area and covered it with snow!! If only The Bachelor producers were everywhere, all the time, it would be an amazing world!!!

Stay tuned for more deets and tweets and stay tuned for updates on our Twitter hostage situation!!


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