The Premiere: Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his swarm of amazing ladies

Are you ready for next Monday’s premiere of The Bachelor???? We are counting down the minutes. Although Chicky Nickel Blue and C Lo, co-founders of Ok! Here is the Situation, will be spending New Year’s Eve together frolicking around San Diego with a framed photo of Ben Flajnik, plans for that Big Night pale in comparison to the preparation that’s necessary for Bachelor premiere night.

Although Chicky Nickel Blue LOVES to watch television, she doesn’t own one because it’s just not safe (see her post about what can happen when her obsessive-compulsive disorder gets the better of her). So on Bachelor nights, C.N. Blue heads over to C Lo’s house to watch with her and her feline friend, Tiny Dancer. C Lo is in charge of lighting and ambiance. And Chicky Nickel Blue is in charge of bringing the well-plated and highly pinkies-out finger foods. Tiny Pants typically blows C.N. Blue away with her dramatic, mood-setting lighting, rose displays and framed contestant photos.

On premiere nights and finale nights, Skype is also typically involved so they can “watch” with fellow Bachelor fiend Qidy Litter, who’s located in Mill Valley, CA (not far from Ben!). Qidy Litter is in charge of all NorCal operations and always adds a bit of “chop! chop!” to the myriad of situations taking place.

If Twitter decides to liberate Ok! Here is the Situation’s Twitter account (@tisasituation) from its current hostage situation, then you may get to enjoy some live tweeting during the West Coast airing of the premiere. Regardless, they’ll definitely be posting photos of the official premiere soiree taking place in Tiny Pants’ living room.

Honestly, Chicky Nickel Blue is having a hard time writing this post in the third person and is going to stop now.

Let us know your premiere-watching plans!

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3 thoughts on “The Premiere: Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his swarm of amazing ladies”

  1. I know! I can’t believe Twitter is still holding our account hostage. I have read their terms and I have deciphered their conditions and I have submitted official letters to them……..and nothing!! It will have been two weeks on Saturday. They are definitely waterboarding our account, trying to get it to give them the secret information behind my one-woman ability to “aggressively follow” without the use of a spam bot!!!

  2. ha ha ha!!!! So funny, yet so true, all of it! We gotta get Quidy Litter and Fra ja on Skype for the landing gears to come down from the limo!!!


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