The real Ben Flajnik rebrands his winery to Envolve

Just a week before the limos chock full of amazing ladies start pulling up to the Bachelor Mansion to meet ABC’s season 16 bachelor Ben Flajnik, the real Ben Flajnik is back in the Sonoma and San Francisco area preparing his winery for the onslaught of attention it’s sure to get once The Bachelor premieres on January 2, 2012. The first order of business? A rebranding and name change!

What has been Evolve Winery will now be known as the slightly altered Envolve Winery. Via his personal Twitter account, Ben indicated a new website that outlines the ‘why?’ and the philosophy behind the name change will launch soon, at what we are assuming will be (and hopefully they’ll be smart enough to redirect all traffic from the existing Evolve Winery site to the new site automatically).

In an @-reply, Ben did give us a sneak peek into the logic behind the change when he tweeted: “we changed the name to envolve. It’s our commitment to nature, hence the addition of ‘n’.”

We here at Ok! Here is the Situation are eager to follow along on Ben’s journey from bachelor to uber-successful vintner and businessman. And in the name of journalistic research, you may even find us attending one of Envolve’s wine events in the San Francisco area, like the upcoming Wine Pick up Party on January 28. In the event’s promo video below, please note the VIP event attendee, Ben’s dog Scotch. Little Scotch might need a TV show of his own!

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