When situations collide

Here are Ok! Here is the Situation’s very own Christine Lo and Penny Farthing hanging out with some of our favorite Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad E-list celebrities. Please notice how little room Christine Lo is giving her peeps when she poses for the pics. Yep, that’s her with the blurry face on the left. I’m the blurry face on the right. (In the pic where we are sandwiching Michael Stagliano, that is. Who, BTW, keeps tweeting about “LOVE” and how everyone should meet him out and about for “HUGS,” yet he didn’t seem to be in the hugging mood when we met him. Honestly, he was in more of a “Holly broke my heart just three days ago” kind of a mood, perhaps. Since this event we were at — the opening of Blended Industries in La Jolla, CA — was three days after the heart-wrenching taping of the finale for Bachelor Pad 2. I guess we’ll have to give him a “free hugs” pass this time.) The event was for Jesse Kovacs and girlfriend Summer Albertsen opening of their wine bar/clothing store.In other news: Vienna Giardi and Kasey Kahl are both SO NICE. Like, really, really awesome and nice. We were actually shocked that they were both WAY nicer to us than Michael Stagliano was, based on their reality TV personas. But, again. Stag, we’re giving you a pass this time, buddy. If it happens again, though, we might have another situation on our hands.

Kasey Kahl and Christine Lo


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