Model Courtney Robertson dumps long-time boyfriend to meet Ben Flajnik

Apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t the only celeb-amazing lady willing to drop everything to meet Ben Flajnik. Courtney Robertson is a bit of a celebrity in and of herself. She dated Desperate Housewives hottie Jesse Metcalfe, Eva Longoria’s boy toy gardener on the show. She even joined him on the red carpet for the EMMY Awards back in 2005. She is the gorgeous 28-year-old professional model that blew Ben away last night on the premiere of the 16th season of the The Bachelor. Remember how emotionally honest Ben exclaimed under his breath, “now that is a pretty girl” after Courtney walks off.

And according to situation-specialist Ryan Seacrest she allegedly dumped her long-term boyfriend, and offered no explanation.”  Wow!!! Hmmm, not sure that bodes well for Bachelor Ben. Well I guess it depends on how you look at it. We have a theory he may choose the lady least likely to be heartbroken if things don’t work out at the end of the season. I mean if you’re Ben F. you can’t lose in this situation. If you end up with a hottie for a short time after the show and she breaks your heart, the line of ladies looking to console you is endless.

Whatever the case may be, Courtney causes quite a stir with the other ladies in her skinny dipping scene with Bachelor Ben.

Courtney Robertson was born and raised in Scottsdale, AZ. and currently lives in Santa Monica, California working as an international model. Many fans noticed Courtney mentioning her modeling career multiple times last night. She was first discovered at age 17 while she was working at Abercrombie & Fitch!

In fact we found Courtney’s modeling stats in LA’s Fashion Model Directory:
Hair color
Eye color
Date of birth
July 5 1983
Place of birth
Arizona, USA
(US) 34-24-34
Dress size
(US) 4
Shoe size
(US) 9

The question is: is Courtney really here to find love or is she here to boost her career?

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Remember Courtney from this Caesar’s Palace ad…


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1 thought on “Model Courtney Robertson dumps long-time boyfriend to meet Ben Flajnik”

  1. hi gals – do i see some assumptions here? you tell me, but heres what i noticed…

    1. the story doesn’t say court dumps longtime BF for ben. it says she dumps longtime BF with no explanation. maybe this was done 2 years ago before she ever even heard of ben? i dont see anything about ben in this story.

    2. you say: “Courtney causes quite a stir with the other ladies in her skinny dipping scene with Bachelor Ben”. really? she creates a stir all the time, but not in this scene, as far as i can remember. no one saw them skinny dipping.

    yes? no?? xoxo Say Hay


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