The ‘Bachelor’ Premiere: The amazing lady gallery

In typical Bachelor style night one is all about TCB! Taking care of business! It takes a long time to unload 25 amazing ladies from a limo and a long time to negotiate a rose ceremony with 25 amazing ladies. So there is not a lot of time in between for the situations to go down. Tonight was pretty calm by Bachelor standards, but we all know it won’t stay that way. We will break down more shortly. In the meantime, please check out the amazing lady gallery and weigh-in. We would love your thoughts and first impressions!

Here are the audition tapes!!!


For more photos and details on Ben Flajnik’s amazing bevy of Bachelorettes on season 16 of The Bachelor, head on over to our Official Season 16 Amazing Lady Page!

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Amber T.

Anna Snowball

Blakeley Shea


Casey Shteamer

Courtney Robertson


Elyse Myers

Emily O’Brien

Erika Uhlig


Jaclyn Swartz

Jamie Otis

Jenna Burke


Kacie Boguskie

Lindzi Cox

Lyndsie J

Nicki Sterling

Monica Spannbauer

Rachel Truehart

Samantha Levey

Shawn Reynolds


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