We have a situation: The annual ‘Bachelor’ reunion in Las Vegas

We loved The Bachelor as is, as just a TV show that aired twice a year, once as The Bachelor and then twice as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. But then we were even more geeked when the annual Bachelor season was extended with the addition of the summertime Bachelor Pad. I mean…there are 52 weeks in a year and we ultimately want 52 weeks of Bachelor madness, but we will take what we can get!

But then….all of the former contestants started flocking to Twitter. So all of a sudden we were able to follow their post-show happenings, hookups and beyond and we couldn’t even believe life could be this good. It was 24/7 Bach.

But one of the things we love more than everything listed above is that there are Bachelor reunions from time to time, where former contestants bro out and girl out and hook up and just go nuts together. Which, is happening in Las Vegas this weekend. And which, we feel we should be invited to because we spend so much time with these people that we truly feel like we’re supposed to be a legitimate part of the Bachelor Family.

Since we aren’t invited (an outrage!), we will be reporting on what happens this weekend in Vegas… because in our opinion, what happens in Vegas absolutely DOES NOT stay in Vegas when it comes to The Bachelor franchise.

P.S. Michael Stagliano and Jillian Harris are on a date (well, they are at least playing dodgeball together) AS I TYPE in another part of the world that is not Las Vegas, so I’ll be reporting on that as well.

It’s a tough job, people. But someone has to do it.

UPDATE (Friday, 8:56pm): Several Bachelor alums are having a hard time getting to Vegas because of weather-related flight delays, including Nikki Kaapke, Britt Billmaier, Marissa May and Frank (from Ali’s season)!! Those in Vegas already include: Natalie Getz, Ashley Hebert, J.P. Rosenbaum, Ashley Spivey, Craig Robinson, Jackie Gordon, Erica Rose, Tyler Vermette, Ty Brown, Elizabeth Kitt, Ella Nolan, Michelle Money, Ashleigh Hunt, Lisa Morrisey and MANY more. And Bachelor co-creator Elan Gale is currently en route from LA! The official reunion event is happening on Saturday night at the Mirage, but the shenanigans start tonight!

UPDATE (Friday, 10:56pm): Bachelor co-creator Elan Gale posted a group shot at what looks to be the Las Vegas airport (judging by the SmartCarte sign in the background) with JP Rosenbaum, Ashley Hebert, Ashley Spivey, Marissa May, Jackie Gordon and Craig Robinson! Let the shenanigans begin!


UPDATE (Saturday night): Photos from the weekend posted throughout the night/day/night.



Ashleigh Hunt: “Certain people exceeded my expectations and others well there was disappointment.Don’t let your 15min go to your head thx”

I can’t wait till they air tidbits from the reunion on ABC! There had to have been a lot of hooking up and drama!

Also, Reality Steve had this to say about the reunion: (Note: don’t click the RS link unless you want to see spoilers for Ben’s Season 16 too. I know…bummer.)

“Now lets get to the goodies. So what happened in Vegas this weekend at the reunion. Any serious hookups? Any storylines set in motion for “Bachelor Pad 3?” I’ve gotten a few details, so here’s what I can share:

-Ali and Frank shared a lot of time together on camera. I GUARANTEE YOU that the producers will play this storyline up for more than it really was. Bottom line: Frank actually still lives with the girl he dumped Ali for on his season and I’m told he’s very happy with her. Nothing is going on between Frank and Ali, nothing happened in Vegas between Frank and Ali, but you can bet your ass they will make it seem like it did.

-Jenna from Ben’s season attended, as she was the only one of Ben’s girls who was there. And that pretty much guarantees she’ll be on “Bachelor Pad” since there is no other reason whatsoever to let her there and no one else unless she was under serious consideration. And considering what good meltdown TV she brought us, why wouldn’t they want her back?

-Reading some of the Twitter accounts and looking at pictures, some girls looked great, and others, not so much. However one consensus that I did get is that a lot of people were impressed with how Erica Rose looked. Good for her. And her gavel.

-Natalie the make out bandit was on the loose again. Who was her lucky catch? None other than Ben Castoriano from Ashley’s season. Hey, what happened to her crush on Ryan Park?

-Well, looks like Ryan spent some quality time with one of Ali’s good friends, Valisha Savage from Jake’s season. I think there’s a good chance that could be a power couple, or at least a non in-your-face couple, come “Bachelor Pad 3.”

-A lot of guys from Ashley’s season were there, and I expect we’ll see some of them cast for BP3.

-The producers were in rare form in trying to get the cattiness out of people asking some in their ITM’s: “So who here do you think looks the ugliest?”, “Who can you not stand to be around?”, and “How desperate is so-and-so trying to get on Bachelor Pad?” It’s unbelievable what they can get these people to say.

-As for some people who attended with girlfriends or boyfriends back home? Ummmm, lets just say that didn’t stop them for scoping out the scene, so to speak. Not all of them tried and not all of them succeeded, but some did.”


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