‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 7: Your faves weigh in

First of all, I had to watch this week’s episode three times in order to fully absorb it. During the first viewing, I was admittedly a bit too inebriated on red wine, life and the fact that I just bought a new MacBook Pro for me to remember some of the key points. The second viewing was a data gathering mission.

Meaning, I basically just re-watched all of the scenes I remembered being juicy. Then, later on, over at my Mom’s house, she decided she needed to put it on (again) in order to show my fiance every single Courtney scene that bothered her (which, essentially required us to re-watch the whole thing again). A-mazing!

Note to all future Bachelor/ette contestants, when the producers of the show ask you what your biggest fears are, you might want to say “puppies and kittens” and/or “a sedentary lifestyle.”

Why? Because if you say things like “heights” and/or “swimming with sharks,” well, they’re going to make you jump out of a helicopter with no doors on it and plunge into shark-infested waters. Seriously.

Overall, I have to say one of my biggest grievances about this season of The Bachelor so far is that we’re really not getting enough Chris Harrison. Why hasn’t he been giving Ben any armchair love advice?

Where’s the deliberation room with the golden-framed photos? We’re all fairly upset about Courtney this season, but where has Chris been to weigh in? To nudge Ben in a better direction? WHERE ARE YOU WHEN WE NEED YOU CHRIS HARRISON?!?!?!

At least we still have our group of fave Bachelor bloggers and former contestants here for us. But we here at Ok! Here is the Situation are really starting to see that this season’s biggest situation is the “lack of Chris Harrison.”

He’s supposed to be there to ground Ben. Support Ben. Guide Ben. Without Chris, Ben’s been set adrift on the seas of love without a compass, an anchor or a sail. And it all seems to be leading him toward the most villainous character in Bachelor history: Courtney Robertson.

From Bachelor Ben Flajnik: “As the rose ceremony approached, I had a lot going through my head. All the women told me about their reservations regarding Courtney, and I really had to think about what I was missing, or if this was all just part of the nature of the women living together. It’s amazing to see how deeply the women felt about their dislike for Courtney, and it’s equally amazing not to see any of that coming through in her actions with me.

It was a lot to consider, but my conversation with Courtney at the rose ceremony reaffirmed that I have to take these relationships individually and focus on the way she is when she’s with me. I see what some of the women were talking about, but I still feel great about Courtney because when I’m with her, I feel really connected to her.”

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From the host with the most, Chris Harrison: “The other major happening this week was the other women warning Ben about Courtney. If you’re keeping score at home, that makes a total of five different women who have gone out of their way to warn Ben about this woman. It does have him thinking, and he had a halfhearted talk with her before the rose ceremony, but when they are alone she knows exactly what to say to settle his nerves. This week we said goodbye to Rachel and Emily. I’m guessing most of you were stunned that Ben sent Emily home, especially after their incredible date this week. Other than that pesky blond hair, Emily was everything Ben was looking for in a woman. I can’t help but think that despite her rebound in recent weeks, her skirmish with Courtney and subsequent confrontational talks with Ben just put her too far behind.”

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From Ben’s homeboy, Constantine Tzortzis: It’s not easy for me to see so many people rip into a good friend over the decisions that he is making every Monday. I mentioned earlier that Courtney put herself into solitary confinement as a result of her negative attitude but for Ben, this process is actually designed to be somewhat of a solitary confinement. Last season, Ben could bounce his fears and thoughts off of a bunch mostly like-minded dudes completely unlike this year where he is surrounded by a bevy of attractive women, not to mention, an entire production crew, yet he can confide and seek direction from NO one. The criticism of Ben to this point has been pretty harsh which I feel is unfounded because a lot of the viewers are seemingly failing to realize that the show was filmed many months ago and all of his decisions to this point have been based on about 90% LESS information than we are getting every Monday in the broadcast.”


From The Knotty Bride:


From one of this season’s eliminated contestants Jenna Burke: “Meanwhile, I’m absolutely shocked to see Courtney upset. The whole season we have seen her acting confident, putting other girls down and acting completely sure about her and Ben’s connection. I know America will probably hate what I’m about to say. But I think Courtney has a heart and she is hurting. She is scared that she’s not going to get a one-on-one and feel rejected.

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From Ali Fedotowsky: “I think I’ve decided that I’m going to stop calling this show The Bachelor and start calling it Courtney’s Shenanigans. Regardless of what you think about her you have to admit, the show wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining without her on it. I actually found myself wanting her to get a rose last night for two reasons: One, who would we love to hate each week if she left? And two, I’m dying to meet her parents. I wonder if her mom will say something like, “Have you ever talked to a model’s mom before?” LOL…I’ll stop. It’s kind of sad honestly, because all of the drama with Courtney makes me want to watch the show for the drama, when it should really be about finding love.”


From The Final Prose: “Time for Court’s date. GRRR this girl irritates me. “I need more and he knows that.” WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Except that it totally works. She reels Ben in like that fish in Utah. They hike up the temple and Courtney rants a bit more about Emily. “I had a really tough day yesterday. I was bummed out. Am I going to get a one-on-one date? I wasn’t going to accept a rose from you. I felt so good about you in the beginning…but now I haven’t felt that spark.”

TIMEOUT: If ANY other girl have the balls to say this to Ben, she would be sent packing faster than you can say “Flajnik.” But Courtney plays it so well…giving (skinny dipping, monopolizing him on group dates) and then taking away (“I’ve lost the spark babe”). Ben looks like a sad crushed puppy dog, and tries desperately to reassure Courtney and goes on and on about how much he wants her to stay. He gives her an oral commitment that he wants to meet her family. They canoodle on top of the Mayan pyramid (definitely not sacrilegious) and they are SO snuggly.”

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From Lindsay Robertson of New York Magazine’s “Ben asks Courtney about the other girls’ problems with her and she calls them “boring” and “vanilla,” while reminding him that she’s a model. “Do you know what my job is like? I’m ‘the Talent’ and I have to make everyone happy.” (Ha!) Ben asks her if she has friends at home. “Yeah, I have friends. I have GUY friends.” In voice-over, Ben says his “worst fear is being with a woman who I like but other people don’t.” (Remember that for later!)”

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From The Bachelor Expert: “Lindzi confirms to Ben she does want him to meet her family. Then they write a letter to put in a bottle, “Once upon a time…” Oh if Lindzi knew he went skinny dipping with the evil counterpart, this would be a lifetime movie and not a fairytale. For Ben’s future children’s sake, he should marry Lindzi so they could have her hair.

Ben is so happy with Lindzi and they have such an honest relationship minus the skinny dipping part. The adorable couple throws the bottle in the ocean. I hope Courtney finds it on the beach when her glass is getting empty.”

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From Ashley Spivey: “I think Emily and Rachel knew that they were going home as soon as Ben pulled Courtney to the side during the Rose Ceremony.

Why don’t Ben and Chris talk anymore before the Rose Ceremonies?  I feel like the Rosemaster might have some words of wisdom like this?

Of course Courtney ends up getting a rose and Emily and Rachel are sent home.  This little look Courtney gives Emily before she leaves pretty much solidifies that she doesn’t have a heart.”

From Knox McCoy: “There’s a lot on the line guys! Breathtaking sights! Hyperbole! Love! Ameezing! Exclamatory exclamation marks! There’s a Courtney/Rabbitface intervention. DRAMA! TNT knows drama and so does The Bachelor, you guys because it LOOKS like Ben has a come to Jesus meeting with Rabbitface. OR he’ll just tell her that “Remember that time we went skinny-dipping? That was awesome. High five.” 

Exotic butterflies? Jungle fortifications? Unrelenting drum beat? The transcendent mist from a MAJESTIC waterfall? A small single engine plane that isn’t much to look at but has tons of heart? Looks like it’s time to trek the jungles of loneliness… FOR LOVE!”


From Dana Weiss, aka Possessionista:

Courtney’s Rose Ceremony Turquoise Dress
Similar: TBags
I hope to get the exact dress. This was my favorite dress of the night. The back was gorgeous.


Courtney’s one-on-one maxi dress
similar: T-Bags Trangle maxi

From Michael Stagliano: “B compliments C. C says a sentence that focuses the attention on her again. And does not return the compliment. She makes the conversation about her. Yikes. BRF (big red flag).

Maybe I’m reading in to this too much, but I don’t think so…

They climb to the top of the steps and I KNOW you were all thinking (as was I) that as they were walking up talking about human sacrifices, you were hoping that at the top: Ben, or a monkey, or a hidden Mayan Indian would jump out and push Courtney down the steps, solidifying that in fact. That ruin WAS/now IS a place for human sacrifice. OH! (I told you there would be more) and let me digress, I don’t actually want Courtney to die here, friends (friends, right?) I just don’t want her to be in the show anymore. Kappish?

At night we get an even bigger red flag, when, during dinner, Courtney launches into her dislike of all the other girls. She thinks they are boring, they are girls not women, they never gave her a chance, blah blah blah. And unfortunately for Ben this is where I stop giving him any grace. Look dude – if a girl is not getting along with a whole group of women AND all the other women tell you about it that is indicator enough that it’s time for her to go.

End scene: Courtney on camera doing a kill shot thing with sound effects an 8 year makes. It’s not about the other girls, you demon; it’s about Ben and finding love. No need to put down the other girls or treat it like a competition.”

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